Get ready to crank up the air conditioning, Boston, cuz this babe is ready to turn up the HEAT in Beantown. We call her our Miracle Mermaid because she's like a mythical creature, part water, part land — and all goddess. She’s got a sensual, feminine energy that’s both sexy and nurturing. We caught up with her over margaritas and let's just say we're STILL ridin' the high from this fierce and sexy woman.



Hey girl hey! Tell us a little about yourself and how you grew up.

I'm a big fitness junkie. When I'm not at ((305)), you can find me teaching all over Boston. Otherwise, I spend my days working in marketing at HubSpot. And if you can't find me there, you can probably find me at a beach or eating macaroons and mochi or planning my next traveling adventure. ;)



YASSS, bring on the beach! So tell us -- where are you from originally?

I was born in Bolivia and had to relocate to Peru when I was seven.

Holy crap, that must have been so tough.

I went to a new school where I was not allowed to speak my native language. It was a big change.

The experience taught me that it wasn't worth my time to be scared. I had to just go for it! Whatever you set out to do will work out, or it won't, and THAT'S LIFE!



DAMN, girl. That's a powerful story. Is that the kind of attitude you bring to your classes?

I want my class to be an outlet, a way to escape and allow your emotions to be released through movement.  I want you to feel inspired, to feel alive, present and absent, all at once. 


How does all that fit into ((305))?

I LOVE ((305)) because this is not ONLY the BEST 55-minute, non-stop cardio dance workout that features amazing instructors and live DJs along with dance moves, sprints, conditioning and HIIT, it's a community, a group of fearless, bold individuals.

this is not ONLY the BEST 55-minute, non-stop cardio dance workout that features amazing instructors and live DJs along with dance moves, sprints, conditioning and HIIT

It means a community of leaders that are set out to help others by inspiring, by motivating, by being unique and different, by changing lives through dance and fitness.


Alright, now let's get to the juicy stuff -- single or taken?

I am recently taken! My other half is one of the most loving and selfless humans I have ever met. He supports me in EVERY endeavor I take on, makes me smile 24/7, and gives me love and attention.


Awwww, so cute! How'd you meet?

We actually met on Bumble! (I know!!!!)


But still… give up the goods: who's the ((305)) instructor you've been crushin on?


OMG OBVS. Alright, let's do some rapid-fire! You'd go CRAY if this celeb took your class:

SHAKIRA! I am absolutely in love with anything and EVERYTHING about Shakira. Obviously my new favorite song is "Me Enamoré" after "Ojos Así".


What's your favorite word in the English language?

I've got two: Syzygy, which means an alignment of celestial bodies, and vellichor, which is the strange wistfulness of used bookshops.


Your favorite 90's jam is:

I can't pick just one! Here's three:
Baby One More Time (Britney)
All That She Wants (Ace of Base)
Let's Get Loud (JLO)


The amount someone would have to pay you to teach ((305)) butt naked?




Love Diana? Same.

Sign up for a COMMUNITY CLASS with her starting August 18th. Class is just $15 and you can bring a friend! Plus, proceeds benefit She's The First, sending girls in low income countries to school for the first time. Book a class here.