NYC: Meet Darnell AKA The Not-So-Basiq Bitch! He is incredibly genuine and sweet but when that door closes and the lights go down and the DJ drops that beat… he’s got this bitchin’ fierce side that will have you GAGGIN!

Find out what he's most excited for with teaching at ((305)), his craziest NYE ever, and just how much you'd have to pay him to see him instruct nakey, nakey, naked...

First off, how do you want people to feel in your classes?

Empowered, wild, and sexy!


Love it! What's your life motto is:




Who would you make you freak TF out if they took your class?

Beyoncé (obvi).



For folks who want to know, what's your current dating status?

Single and looking for a cuddle buddy. 😏


What's the best part of being single?

Doing whatever the f*** I want!





YAS! Speaking of, what was your craziest night out?

It's not my most glamorous, but it's one of my wildest! New Years 2016 in Las Vegas. Even though I was still jet lagged, I did not let that stop me from going crazy. I drank a bit too much that night and went to the bathroom where I PASSED. THE FUCK. OUT! My head was in between my legs and my pants were around my ankles! My friends found me and told the bouncer that I was narcoleptic, so I wasn't kicked out. #never4get


What's one thing you've learned about yourself in the last year?

I'm a fearless, sassy, kind-hearted, independent black gay man who wants to help find peace, love, joy, and self-love for his surroundings. 





Keeping with the inspo, why do you love ((305))?

((305)) is a party where EVERYONE is invited and we can break ALL the rules. ((305)) is my home. It's a place where you can be whoever you wanna be. 

Because of my time at ((305)), I've honestly never felt more comfortable with who I am inside and out.


Speaking of comfortable, how much would someone have to pay you to teach butt naked?

Nada. 😉

Cmon! Really?!

Seriously! I'm in a production called "Naked Boys Singing." When I'm not at ((305)), I'm lit.er.ally belting songs while swinging my penis around in front of a live audience. 


OMG. Where can we find out more??

You can keep up with all my adventures on my instagram: @darnellxkenney

Love Darnell? Same.

Sign up for a COMMUNITY CLASS with him starting August 18th. Class is just $15 and proceeds benefit She's The First, sending girls in low income countries to school for the first time. Book a class here!