We just dropped the dopest ((305)) ACTIVE collection yet. Think 🔥🔥🔥 crop tops, snapbacks, and errrything in between.

And now, the man behind the magic: Raul Bussot, the Cuba-born, Miami-raised artist is behind some of our fave pieces from the collection, including the Summer is Better Sweater, the Kiss It Better Bra, and the Throw Em Up Tank.

You’ll probably already recognize his work -- Raul is the creative genius behind the lip smackin, booty poppin' murals that look over you while you're getting down in class in NYC.

We caught up with this multihyphenate (seriously, this dude paints, sketches, creates murals, AND does tattoos) to chat about his inspirations, his long locks and the inspiration behind that goddamn amazing flamingo on our fave new sweater. So before you sashay away to our NYC studios to snatch up this collection before it sells out, meet Raul.



K, so we’re droooling over everything you designed for ((305)) ACTIVE. What was the inspiration behind the collection?

It’s really a collaboration -- Sadie knows what she wants and often has other people contributing ideas. She wants that Miami attitude and having grown up there makes it easier to express it visually.

What’s your fave piece from ((305)) ACTIVE?

We can all agree the Summer is Better Sweater is pretty cool.

We can all agree the Summer is Better Sweater is pretty cool.

Duh, the flamingo graphic is *amazing*. Tell us the story there.

The very first front desk mural I painted for Sadie was inspired by the work of Peter Max. Since then, we've used his work as a guide because it fits so well with the ((305)) aesthetic. When she proposed a flamingo, it made sense to use that same style which had worked so well before. We jazzed it up, though!

So, how'd you first meet our HBIC Sadie?!

I was introduced to Sadie by a friend. She saw a mural that I had painted in a friend's apartment and asked me if I would be interested in painting some for her.

You’ve created some of the most #iconic ((305)) graphics -- what's your favorite mural in the studio?

The lips in the Brickell studio and the hips mural at the Midtown studio.

Speaking of lips, whose pout is behind the ((305)) mural?

We decided to use the instructors as models . . . I'd be interested to see if anyone can guess! 💋

We decided to use the instructors as models . . . I’d be interested to see if anyone can guess! 💋

Our lips are sealed! 🙊 How long did the murals take?

They've happened at different times over the years, but anywhere from one day to two weeks depending on the piece.

What's your dream design job for the ((305)) universe?

Definitely a mural because painting them is the best part.

Was this your first time designing clothes?

I’ve done it here and there for clients, but never for myself.

Let’s throw it back to when you were starting out as an artist -- how’d you land in the design world?

I went to an art high school in Miami, architecture school in Brooklyn, and continued to pursue art independently after school. I can't recall a time when I wasn't drawing or interested in art.

So, you basically lived Fame. Do you work as a full time artist?

I'm a full time tattoo artist and painter -- the design work is really only for Sadie at this point. Her style is fun to work with, and she gives me a lot of freedom. It's refreshing to mix it up and paint some funky stuff or design a flamingo shirt.

Have you had the chance to take a ((305)) class yet?

I haven't taken a class, but I did stumble around with the group during the The Village studio’s opening party.

Aiiight, let’s get into some quick hits.

Lips or flamingos? LIPS 💋
Crop tops or short shorts? SHORTS
Baseball cap or beanie? BEANIE
If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with . . . MY HAIR.



There's a whole lotta heat coming from the ((305)) ACTIVE shop. We’ll take one of everything, kthxbye. Check out the new collection here and we'll catch yo fly self in class.

Want more Raul? Peep more of this genius's work on his Insta.

Raul’s interview was edited for length and clarity.