DC, meet Kiki! She embodies the perfect tough-love, no-nonsense attitude that will totally inspire you to #GetShitDone. Behind her pint-sized frame, Kiki serves ball-bustin' realness with a work-hard-play-hard approach to life and to performing.

When she's not teaching at ((305)), you can find Kiki performing around the world with Step Afrika. She's an introvert, quiet, and observes before she speaks. But when she moves, her power comes fully alive, which is why we call her THE SILENT FIREBOMB. If you're looking for a class that'll leave you drenched in sweat, look no further.

We caught up with Kiki at our NEW DC STUDIO to hear all about instructor training, her love life, and why she’s ready to give DC all she’s got.


Welcome to the ((305)) fam, Kiki! Tell us, what was instructor training like? What was the hardest part?

Talking! I’m an introvert that likes to move, so coming up with things to say was challenging. I only like to talk with a purpose and if I have something to actually say, not just for the sake of talking. I’m actually shy!


We gotta know -- who’s the instructor you’re crushin’ on?

Deaton 🙈


OMG he’s the best! How do you want people to feel after taking class with you?

Inspired. Beautiful. Empowered.


If this celeb took your class, you would DIE . . .

Jhené Aiko


OK, now for the juicy stuff! What’s your type?

Wrong! The two guys I’ve dated weren’t anything alike. But the man I want to date is kind, silly, genuine, my biggest fan.


Single or taken?

Single by choice! I’m waiting for the man that sees my worth and puts in the work to win me over. I’ve settled too much and now I’m willing to wait.

((305)) is fun, not pretentious, and gives a carefree, judgement free vibe.

#Preach! What’s one thing you’ve learned about yourself in the past year?

I need to be a little softer when it comes to dealing with people and that is ok.


What’s your life motto?

Energy is everything. You can shift atmospheres or allow them to change you.

kiki 2.jpg

When you're not teaching at ((305)), we can find you . . .

You can’t, I’m a unicorn. But if you do happen to find me, it’s in the studio rehearsing with Step Afrika or performing with them around the world!


Last one! Why do you love ((305))?

It’s fun, not pretentious, and gives a carefree, judgement free vibe. Plus dance fitness is the only way I’ll enjoy working out.

Can't get enough of Kiki?

Sweat for a cause. 💦 COMMUNITY CLASSES with Kiki are just $10 and start December 5. Proceeds go to She's the First, helping girls in low-income countries get degrees as the first in their families.

PLUS, you can bring a friend for free. When you sign up, we'll automatically save two spots, so book away! Peep the full DC schedule here.