Junkie Transformation: How a ((305)) Membership Changed My Life

On the fence about a ((305)) membership? JUMP ON IT! We're keepin' the list exclusive to make sure our classes don't fill up too fast, but you can still enter the lottery for a membership slot all weekend -- and that means UNLIMITED CLASSES in NYC, for just $219 a month.  

This isn't just any membership -- our NYC junkie crush Jenn tells it like it is: "No other workout studio has kept my interest for this long!" Read on to hear how her membership changed her life, and then click here to sign up for yours! 


Hey girl heyyyy, how'd you get hooked on ((305))? 

It's fun, it's a great workout, and it's a progressive company.  No other workout studio has kept my interest for this long. It's a whole-body workout that feels more like a party -- what more could you want? 


What's different about a membership? 

Obviously it saves a lot of money, but it's even changed my mindset. Before, I'd feel slightly guilty about buying each class, especially since 4 classes a week add up! With the unlimited membership, taking care of my body doesn't have to be associated with guilt. (Ladies, that's important!)


And how have you changed since you started?? 

Physically, I'm in much better shape. I've always been kind of scrawny; now I actually have a 4-pack when the lighting is flattering! More importantly, it's really given me confidence as a dancer. I took ballet for 13 years but was always the worst in my class. 305 has helped me with my insecurities and taught me to love my body (even those hips!).


((305)) has helped me with my insecurities and taught me to love my body (even those hips!).

Damnnn girl, good for you! So lay it on us: who are your favorite instructors? Any favorite songs? 

There are so many that I love -- Hannah, Bex, Danielle, Naimah, Deaton -- but only Chris can get me to Midtown on a Saturday morning! His energy is incredible, his teaching style is so effective, and I feel like I'm in some music video when I'm in his class. I'm so excited for his Advanced Classes!


YASS. How'd you get into it in the first place? 

 I had just moved to New York and was desperate for a workout. Other dance fitness classes were too easy. I tried adult ballet at Alvin Ailey, but those competitive ballet classes just brought back bad memories. When I found 305 online, I did so much research before my first class, and I was immediately hooked.



Girl, I know that feeling. Any other changes you've seen since you got hooked? 

Because I rush out of work every day to attend 305 at 5:30, my office sees me as "the fit one," which is hilarious because I'm really lazy! But I've brought pretty much every friend I have to 305. My husband comes with me sometimes (he loves Christina's Sculpt classes!), so it's another way we get to spend time together.


Aw, so cute!! Okay, one last one, for fun: My ______ brings all the boys to the yard. 

My booty! (at least, that's what my husband would say!) 

Ready for your own fun? 

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