DC Junkie Crush: Kevin McCurdy

If you've ever taken a ((305)) class in the District, you've probably met Kevin McCurdy. He's the one in the front left corner who high-kicks it through EIGHTEEN classes a week. Kevin is a long-time junkie with a workout routine that puts The Rock to shame. Learn more about this DC cutie—and say hi in class!

Kevin selfie.jpeg

What's your name? What's your age? What's your sign?  

Kevin McCurdy. 46 (almost 47). Leo

Every time that I'm at ((305))...you are too. How much class are you taking?

I LIVE for 305!  I have been going to 305 since the start in July of 2014. Doing the math, I've been to more than 1,220 classes now and counting. If I am not traveling for work or vacation, I typically get in 14-18 classes per week.

What is it like to do two-a-days? Are your calves made of literal steel?  

It is kind of like staying around at the club for another hour. The energy of the class and the music keep me excited and takes mind my off the workout.  I will be doing my first triple soon (back to back to back).

You kill it in class. Like really kill it. Where do you get your energy from?  

First, I love music. Music gets me excited and I start singing along and forget I am working out. The energy from the instructor is key as well as the class.  The DC ((305)) family is the best—everyone brings the heat and we all go full in on the choreo each and every class.  The NY instructors always are amazed at how on-point DC is with the choreo!

Do you have a favorite choreography?  

"Work" by Lil Jon right now.  I also love "Player" and "Work from Home." The class goes bonkers whenever they come on. 

Let's talk dress code. What do you wear for class, head to toe?  

On top: 305ACTIVE. I love the (305) tanks, they're super comfortable.  On bottom: tights or leggings with shorts are key to keep everything in place as well as adding some color to my game.  For shoes: I switch between high tops and Nike Frees.

Where can we find you when you're not at ((305))?  

I enjoy brunch and a good Sunday Funday with friends and music concerts. Kaskade, Armin van Buuren, Janet Jackson, Calvin Harris, and Pitbull are scheduled so far for 2017. I also love traveling—planning for France and Spain this summer...including a day or two dancing in Ibiza.

What's your favorite DC spot to fuel up? To wind down?  

My favorite place to fuel up every Sunday after a back to back is Duke's Grocery on 17th street.  My favorite place to wind down is my couch along with my dog, Roxie, just watching some reality TV. Dunkin' Donuts is my goto vice for a sweet treat now and then.

What other workouts around the city do you like?  

I have a personal trainer four days per week for strength training—it is a great compliment to the ((305)) workout. I also do other high intensity or strength workouts like Orange Theory and Solidcore.

What do you think MC Hammer was talking about when he said "u can't touch this."  

I suspect he thought no one was as famous as him...but where is he now? 

Want to dance with Kevin?

Chances are if you're signing up for a class...he'll be there. Check out the DC schedule.