JJ: The Summer Edition

Happy summer babes! We know it's hot out there, and we gotta be honest—it's about to get a whole lot hotter with JJ IN THE HOUSE. We caught up with our sexy, steamy, NYC instructor to get the goods on his summer plans. 



Summer with JJ


What do you ALWAYS have in the beach bag?

Sun glasses, lip balm, portable speakers.

What's #1 on your reading list right now?

"Wake A Sleeping Tiger" by Lora Leigh. 

*Editors note: Talk about steamy! Lora Leigh is a New York Times bestselling author...of erotic literature. 

My song of the summer is...

"Wild Thoughts" DJ Khaled featuring Rihanna and Bryson Tiller

Hot humid days are the worst. How do you stay safe and cool...and not look like a dripping dog?

Well I don't have any hair as I keep my head shaved, so I wear a hat to protect it from the sun. I focus on managing my skin daily to keep that youthful look. All about the moisturizer. I'm also a magnet for the shade. 

JJ you just became President Of Summer For One Hundred Days! What's your first order of business?

Businesses can't start until later in the day so employees may enjoy the sun

What is your favorite childhood memory in the summer?

Going to summer day camp! But honestly all of my summers have been lit. 

What is your summer hard-pass?

Working outside in the sun. Wayyy too hot for that.

Any big summer vaycay plans?

Japan...it's my 3rd home!

What's your adult summer camp fantasy?

I want to be on a cruise with EVERYONE I've had a crush on—men and women. Only one rule: No Clothes Allowed #yumyum



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