305 Instructors Take On Their Wedding Fantasies


Baby, let's get married! 💍 

Whether your boo'd up, engaged, looking for next best ex, or just ridin' solo, know that you and ((305)) got something real love going on.

Because we're all about taking it to the next level, we chatted with some of your fave 305 NYC instructors to hear about their big wedding day fantasies. (Ya know, just in case you trying to get in on that sick 305 Bridal Plan together!)

Just like a good Vegas Chapel ceremony, get the quick and dirty below.

Shower Bobby in some Rose Gold  and Britney.

Shower Bobby in some Rose Gold  and Britney.

What would your wedding theme be?

HD: "90's R+B Prom Karaoke." Boom.

Sadie: Disco fever. I would tease my hair real big and I would ask guests to rep their favorite style from the 70s. "I'm Every Woman" would be playing as I danced down the aisle.

Jess: 1920's Hollywood glam!  Tyler looks like he could be a member of the Rat Pack so I would put him in tails and a top hat and I would wear some ridiculously beaded costume style dress.

Deaton: Black tie creative dress code for sure, but a very minimal b&w aesthetic otherwise.


What kind of food and drinks would you have catered?

Bobby: Tons of sushi, a variety of different fish, cheese and meats. Drinks of choice are Moscow mules,  cucumber gimlets  and amazing beers.

Jess: We would have a raw bar and a champagne fountain that never stopped flowing. 🍾

HD: Vegan foods of all kinds: Thai, Chinese, American Southern Soul, Caribbean, etc.

Jess would do it lavish like in The Great Gatsby.

Jess would do it lavish like in The Great Gatsby.

What kind of engagement ring would you want?

Sadie: I would want my fiancé to give me a simple gold band that costs max $100 and a note that he invested $10,000 for our kid's college tuition.

Bobby: Something simple in rose gold

Jess: Instead of a diamond, this time I would want something less traditional like a sapphire or an emerald.


How much $$$ would you spend on the festivities?

Deaton: Girl... talk to me after I've done by 2016 taxes.

Sadie: Let's get creative. Photographer can barter for 305 classes. I would guilt Dj Ardent into DJing for free. I would ask HD to sing as his wedding gift. All my creative friends can cook, dance, or create something awesome instead of paying for a gift. Also, I would prefer people donate $$ to their favorite cause in my honor or put some $$ into a fund for my kids. I don't want to do a wedding registry, seems like a lot of work.

Karaoke and All #Vegan Menu for HD's wedding. #sorrynotsorry

Karaoke and All #Vegan Menu for HD's wedding. #sorrynotsorry

What's your ideal wedding location?

Deaton: No destination wedding (unless I'm successful enough to fly everyone out). I'm not interested in getting married in my hometown - Raleigh, NC - rather, I'd like it to be wherever my partner and I call home. That may be New York, Denver, Boston. We'll see! I want it to be a neutral space where my partner and I have roots together.

Jess: We would have it in some lofty mansion with a giant ballroom where everyone could dance and party all night. Very Great Gatsby!

HD: Any place easily accessible to family and friends.


How many number of guests would you invite?

HD: As many as possible!

Sadie: Everyone ever! Let's pack the house. Hoping Maxine Waters will show up.

Bobby: 200

Keep it cute and chic at Deaton's Black Tie Ceremony.

Keep it cute and chic at Deaton's Black Tie Ceremony.

What would your first dance song be to?

Bobby: A choreographed flashmob with my groom and wedding party to all Britney's hits

HD: You Mean The World To Me" - Toni Braxton

Sadie: I would want to make it a partial dance/partial karaoke duet. Beyoncé and Jay?


Where would your honeymoon be?

Bobby: A month in New Zealand

Jess: We’d spend our honeymoon in French Polynesia

Deaton: Maldives, duh.

Sadie: Thailand. Never been. Top of the Phuket list. Get it?

Sadie's wedding will be all about LOVE.

Sadie's wedding will be all about LOVE.

What's one embarrassing story you would (or wouldn't) want to be shared on your wedding day?

HD: I probably wouldn't want people to know that I farted on someone's face during sex once (eek, #sorrynotsorry, #Vegan)

Bobby: I would probably say when my best man pants me in front of all the costumers in a Wawa-where he thought I had underwear on but I actually was feeling free that day. People got a show! You're WELCOME WAWA!!

Sadie: Probably all the vacation dick I've enjoyed before we got married. Just yeah, his parents don't need to know that.

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