Macking Under the Mistletoe

The holiday stress has set in. The present buying pressure is on. And menu planning madness has taken over. Or so we’re led to believe.

These are real problems for real adults—who are taking a very real approach to the holidays. We appreciate that, we do. But some of us have our own set of priorities. We’re talking about the Christmas party conundrum: who’s tryna make out?


Mistletoe might be an antiquated tradition revolving around a plant no one has seen grow in the wild...but making out is very much of-the-now.

We asked the ((305)) crew who they’re looking to lock lips with this holiday season. Here’s a few of our favorite answers.


Anyone else tryna make out?

Who are you looking for under the mistletoe?

“JLO of course.”
DJ Ardent, NYC DJ

“My future ex-wife”

“Chris Santa Maria and Tom Feeny...this girl needs both.”
Danielle Carlacci, NYC Instructor



“Every girl.”
—Adam Young, NYC DJ

Latoya Julce, NYC Instructor

“Idris Elba”
—Jessica Edwards, Boston Instructor

“Brian Chesky (mmmm nothing does it for me like a hot entrepreneur)”
—Sadie Kurzban, NYC Instructor