Instructor Spotlight: Zach Eisenberg

Zach! Our hearts! Our minds! Our booties! Zach Eisenberg is the cheerleader you TRULY, MADLY, DEEPLY need in your life. When he's not scarfing down a cheese pizza or shaking his booty around the dance floor (or stage, or his apartment...), he's helping ((305)) clients live their best lives through 55 minutes of intense cardio work. Broadway, look out, he's coming for ya.

"Nothing makes me happier than a strong powerful woman. Nothing."

How did you get to Beantown?

Originally I’m from Miami. I was looking for a strong program conservatory program that would prepare me for the work I wanted to do. When I got accepted to the Boston Conservatory at Berklee to study musical theater, I had to go. Now I’m about to graduate with a Bachelor in Fine Arts! Kudos!

That’s so exciting. What was the hardest part of adjusting?

The weather.I didn’t even have a jacket, and I didn’t have a proper coat for the first year. I can’t handle the rain, it’s FREEZING. And I CANNOT handle the layers.

Ugh. Preach. Layers are like very expensive sweat incubators. So how did you end up at ((305))?

I was drawn to the brand and what it stands for. It’s important to me to be part of a community that’s so respectful of each other and inclusive. Fitness is really an empowering tool in life, and the way ((305)) approaches it is like no other. Also being from the real 305 I was like, HELL YEAH, a little bit of home in another city. I was on board the second I heard about it.

What is your favorite part about teaching?

SO MANY THINGS. My favorite part of class is right before and right after, when I get to really know the clients and hear their stories. I love seeing how what we do is changing their lives in a positive way and realizing I can make a difference in someone’s life. And then there’s hip hop.

Oh hell yeah. So tell me the secret. How do you get by teaching multiple classes a day?

Quest bars are my go to. But I’m not going to pretend I’m super healthy—get me a cheese pizza and I’m like “let’s go.” And thank god for locker rooms. I need to rinse off after class. I always carry multiple t-shirts in my bag and, of course, deodorant. You gotta have a spare deo in the bag at all times, PLEASE, just for everybody’s sake.

Tell me more about your inspiration as a performer. Who do you look up to?

In my commercial and dance world, I look to Lady Gaga, as a given. What she stands for as an artist is really powerful, and her work is always on top of it. I’m also rooted in the musical theater world and want to be on Broadway, so I’d also have to say Gavin Creel. He consistently works on Broadway and is so talented—I love his career.

What is your dream Broadway role?

I would be Fiyero in Wicked. I know it’s cheesy because there’s so many great shows, but when I saw the show at 12 years old I said, “MOM I HAVE TO PLAY THIS ROLE.” 

Sounds like destiny to me. Imma get a little personal...are you single or taken?

OMG what a complicated question!!! 

Fair. okay, what’s your first move?

I will always pay on the first date. It sounds pathetic, but I feel like there’s a power play there. I feel a little in control, like I’m in charge and I got this. Maybe I’m just being polite. 

Okay what about if you’re in a bar...

Honestly? Eye contact for three seconds. It’s literally a head nod and “let’s go.” The gays are ruthless.  After the eye contact, it’s a clear yes or no…usually it’s a yes.

Everything you’re saying is #goals right now. What is your go to order: at a club, at a coffee shop, and at home?

Oh I know the first one! At a bar, a Long Island. Done. I’m not a coffee drinker, so I’d have to say tea. And at home? Diet Coke, hands down.

Following, following. Let’s wrap this up with a little girl power. Who are your top three favorite HBICs?

Nothing makes me happier than a strong powerful woman. Nothing. It’s why I needed Hillary. So badly. So my top three starts with her, Hillary Clinton. Then my mother, 100%. She’s a partner at her law firm and raised four children. Then I’d have to say [founder of ((305)) Fitness] Sadie. Seeing someone so young and making a difference in the world the way she is makes me so happy.

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