Instructor Spotlight with Your Main Man HD

When you walk into class with HD, you walk out strutting. Harold "HD" David jam packs every ((305)) class with more sass (and more a$$) than any one we know. His clients can't get enough, and it's easy to see why (HELLO MR. TRICEP). HD gave us the scoop on keeping the bod tight, his mind right, and his undeterred love for Ms. Whitney Houston (may she rest in queenly peace).  

"I try to be completely myself—a mix of wildness, intensity, sex appeal, ratchet-ness and zen. "

Helllllloooo HD. Let's get started. When did you start teaching at ((305))? And more importantly, WHY?

HIIIII! I started teaching at 305 in late 2015. I’m excited for my two year anniversary coming later this year! I was introduced by Hannah Jean, and auditioned when the opportunity arose. I remember jumping into a class and saying WHAT THE F**K IS THIS! About a month into becoming a ((305)) junkie, auditions came about, and I v-stepped my ass into the family! 

Aww. And the fam is glad to have you. So, no matter what mood I’m in starting class, I know that I’ll feel 100% high-as-a-kite amazing when I’m done. What’s all that about? How do you motivate and lift people up as an instructor?

I motivate my groups by teaching a class that I’d want to be in. I try to be completely myself—a mix of wildness, intensity, sex appeal, ratchet-ness and zen. Sounds crazy, but I really do try to add all of that into the vibe of my class because I want folks to feel free to be THEMselves. I want people to leave the room feeling happy, challenged and electrified. I get loud, I get in your face, I put my booty on ya, I hold your hand, I smile at you and I shout! For 55 minutes, I belong to the class—and the DJ and I set my sights on delivering an experience our community deserves.

What is your pre-class regimen? Do you need to get in the zone?

I generally mentally prepare myself before I get to the studio. Music has become very important to me over the recent few years on my journey with my singing, and I listen to really deep and/or sad music on the train to work. It puts me in a place that’s tangible and it allows me to stay authentic as an instructor. I usually also have an iced soy latte from Starbucks no matter the season or weather, BOOP. 

How do you maintain that fantastic bod of yours? Give us the skinny on your workout routine!

Currently, ((305)) is my main source of fitness! I eat like a convict constantly, so I’ve learned to make sure I’m adding weight bearing exercises and yoga to my routine to ensure I’m staying balanced inside and out. I’m training to teach the 305 SCULPT classes (NY only; I start on May 15th), so I’ll have even more reason to have bodyweight exercises in my regimen. I also do private training in flexibility and strength with a couple clients throughout the week, and sometimes we workout together! I eat a lot of carbs and fiber because I’m a #vegan and it works REALLY well with all the cardio classes I teach.

Where can we find you when you’re not at ((305))?

When I’m not at ((305)), I’m at one of the following places: a karaoke bar, in my bed at home (usually with nature’s green and lately my guitar and microphone… oh and video games), at a gay bar being the only one dancing, or a restaurant eating myself into a light coma. Literally, that’s it. I’m really simple and easy to please— and I STILL can’t get a text back.    

If you could have 5 hours of studio time with any performer, who would it be and why?

OMG it would have to be Whitney Houston. RESURRECT HER IMMEDIATELY. As a performer, she has highly influenced my voice and quality, and I want to touch people like her voice has. She was timeless and the epitome of beauty and honesty as a singer.  

Let's get a little personal. Imagine you walk into a bar and you see someone that catches your eye...what do you do?

My first move is usually buying someone a drink or just walking up and saying hello. I’ve gained the confidence to make the first move, and it feels great to take control of a desire like that! For a first date, I like to figure out something that both parties would at least SOMEWHAT enjoy. If you hate each other, at least you’ll have a cool experience to talk about!    

What does your favorite screen-print tee say? I just saw a woman on the metro with a tee that said, “I just want to save the animals, take a nap, and drink wine.” I almost had to kick her off the train…

My favorite screen-printed tee was worn by my friend Natasha the other day as she WON a karaoke competition I watched in BK. It read: “YOU’VE BEEN BRAINWASHED INTO FAVORING EUROPEAN STANDARDS OF BEAUTY.”

Okay last question, and it's gonna be a good one. Imagine you get put on a ((305)) class on the White House lawn. What songs are you going to choose? Any particular moves you'd incorporate?

If I’m asked to teach a ((305)) class on the White House lawn, it might just be 55-mins of shaking our bare asses and holding up our middle fingers. The only song I’d want played would be a high-energy house beat track riddled with voice snippets from Joanne the Scammer, highlighting phrases like “It’s Cancelled” and “Get Out!” and “FUCK!” (I dunno, I feel like she says all those things… right?) I mean, there MIGHT be a toning section. You’ll just have to make that happen to find out…

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