Our new bae Walter Kemp has been livin' and breathin' dat Miami lyfe since he was born -- and he’s about to light up our NYC studios. 🔥  Walter's got fierce AF hip hop moves, but he pairs 'em with a constant ear-to-ear grin and all the sass you can handle. This boi is our new class clown and he is ready to make ya sweat through all the giggles. And he knows a thing or two about dancin’: it helped him lose 100 lbs when he first moved to the city ten years ago! Keep reading for more on this sass machine and sign up for his classes here.



Hiya Walter! Tell us a little about yourself -- how'd you get into dance?

I've been tap dancing and booty shaking since I was young, but I studied musical theater all my life, and that opened my eyes to other genres.

You're basically a Broadway star, then! How'd you hear about ((305))?

I have this witch in my life . . . he sent me a link and said go audition. Here I am 💁🏽‍♂️. 

And you made it -- congrats! What was the hardest part of training to become an instructor?

Staying dry lol

#Preach! I feel like I know the answer to this one -- but what can we expect from your classes?

Lots of sweat. And lots of laughs.
Lay it on us -- what's your dream job?
Honestly I've done a lot of my dream jobs. Group fitness has been one since my weight loss journey. I hope to be doing this on a much larger scale five years from now. Maybe instructor videos and programs of my own.

What are you up to when you're not booty poppin' with us?

I'm a creative consultant/director for an artist development company #MARS (Making Artist Really Shine).

Okay, we can't wait any longer! Give us the goods -- single or taken?
Single and ready to mingle...ish.

And for all that mingling -- what's your idea of the perfect date?
I love the theatre . . . and tequila.

Get ready to spill! Which instructor or DJ do you have a crush on?
OMG . . . I can't believe I'm revealing this . . . Anna and JLott . . . hiiiiieee. 🙊

What's one thing you couldn't live without?

The sun and the beach. I try to go home to Miami every other month, just for the sun and the beach. Just me and my coconut oil. #305allday

What's your family like?

We're just like the Cosby's. 👀

The celebrity client you would *die* to teach in class?


What's the best thing about dance?

Oh my God. Dance is my life, it's how I lost my weight. It's the only time I'm not thinking about what other people think of me. It's the most freeing experience I've ever experienced. And it keeps me SNATCHED! That's all.

Ready for more Walter?

So are we! Sign-ups for his class are here and you can follow this baller on Insta at @walterkemp2.

Walter’s interview was edited for length and clarity.