Instructor Spotlight: Tom Feeney

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You're now in the presence of the King of Cool aka NYC's Tom Feeney. 👑

Impeccably stylish, absurdly charming, and incredibly talented, Tom is, simply put: really f*ckin cool. Even in a packed class, Tom holds your gaze (and your attention) with an uncanny, disarming realness. Sign up now to experience his fun and wild-n-out class!

We kiki'd with Tom, who gave us the 411 on his upcoming sunny excursions, favorite flirty moves, and his ultimate #TBT from the past. 

Kicking it off, how long have you been teaching at 305?

I auditioned in early 2016 and was officially on the schedule by May 16th. So about a year and a half... but who’s counting?


How'd you hear about 305 and what drew you to audition?

NYC's Hannah and I actually grew up dancing at the same studio in Reading, MA (also where #305BOS instructor Kelly is from!).

I had seen her posting about 305 on social media for about a year before coming to check it out. The energy, the music, the atmosphere... I instantly knew it was the perfect match.




When you're not at 305, where can junkies find you?

Now that winter is approaching you can catch me bundled up, hustling to a Broadway show, or back home to binge on some RuPaul's Drag Race. 

The beauty of 305 is that it makes you live in the present.

Speaking of Drag Race, we hear you're a true STAN!

305 should be featured on RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 10. Marti Gould Cummings showed us how it’s done during #305Pride. Now I want a room packed with my fav queens turning looks and stunts.  




How do you get in the zone for teaching?

The beauty of 305 is that it makes you live in the present. You have to know what’s coming next in 3, in 2, in 1, RIGHT HERE LET’S GO!

No pre-planning. It’s all about what that DJ is spinning and how it’s making you feel in the moment. Make a choice and commit 💯. I love spontaneity; We need more of it. 


Speaking of spontaneity, what's something fun and flirty that you would do if you're crushin' on someone? 

HA. Be bold! Slip a number, slip a nip, or whatever gets their attention. Something they won’t forget. 😉




We also can't forget your sexy summer on IG!

I thrive most in warm weather, so I start planning my wet hot gay American summers like ASAP. Fire Island, Provincetown, maybe Mykonos this year? We’ll see...


The energy, the music, the atmosphere... I instantly knew it was the perfect match.

What's a random fact that most people wouldn't know about you?

I used to figure skate competitively until I was 12. I have receipts (piles on piles of VHS tapes). Just waiting for the perfect moment to #tbt #MichelleKwan #TripleSalchow


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What's your fave 305 song to teach/dance to? 

OOF tough one! There’s so many factors to consider: Is it easy to cue? High energy? Can it turn the room?

You want these clients GAGGED. I’m talking audible reactions. In the current rotation "Call Me Mother", "Attention", and "Shout Out to My Ex" do that most effectively.


Can’t get enough of Tom? Us, too.

Sign up for his class and follow him on IG @slowlyandshirley.