She's got her head in the clouds and her feet on the ground. Ria Rodriguez, one of our newest instructors, has a sexy/fierce full-time dance career, and is also toothache-sweet and charming as hell. Ria's mesmerizing moves will inspire you, and her warmness will draw you in and make you feel like part of her big, loud Puerto Rican family. 

You have quite the dance background. Tell us about it.

I started dancing when I was 3 and took all kinds of dance - I love all styles and forms of dance. It is truly my passion. I was so fortunate to graduate from Joffrey Ballet School, and since then I've toured the country in the Broadway show Guys and Dolls, performed in fashion shows as a hip hop dancer, and even tried my hand as a showgirl in Reno for a bit.

Amazing! After the on-the-road, showgirl life, what made you want to become a ((305)) instructor?

I came to take a class and instantly fell in love!! I've always been really active, and had been toying with the idea of entering the fitness world. Finding a class that combines dance and fitness so perfectly was like a dream come true for me. 

So far what's the biggest difference between teaching and performing?

When I'm teaching I get to just be ME -- everything come from a genuine and real place - but when I am performing there is a character or role I need to embody. ((305)) is a place I feel safe being myself and that's what I hope to inspire in my class.                   


1) Coffee
A great playlist
3) Positive vibes

Did anything about instructor training surprise you?

Oooh... I would say it was letting go of the idea of a "perfect class" and instead just finding my own voice. It was surprising how much of what I learned in training is applicable not only in class but in life. Sadie has been such a inspiration in so many ways.  

Totally. What can we expect from your class?

An environment where your craziest, wildest self is wanted and encouraged and a drenched in sweat body is guaranteed.

What inspires or motivates you?

First and foremost, my family. They are so incredibly supportive and have so much faith in me. Also, JLo is my idol <3 She and other woman like Misty Copeland are so inspiring to me. They've had had everything working against them and have not only came out on top, but also made history. It reminds me that I have no excuse not to be my best self.


"Jenny from the Block" by JLo
"Bootylicious" by Destiny's Child
"Reggaeton Latino" by Don Omar.

Yaaas strong female role models! Love that. Speaking of your family, you have such an exotic look. What's your background?

I am actually 100% Puerto Rican! I feel like that becomes more and more obvious as you get to know me. My family is crazy and loud and extremely loving. And you can find a giant pot of rice and beans on my stove top at least once a week.


Si mamasita! Looking forward to some latin flava in your class. So where can we find you when you're not at ((305))?

You can usually find me at one of 3 places: at Broadway Dance Center taking a class, at Strand Book store in Union Square picking up a new read, or somewhere outdoors with my rollerblades handy.


Wan more Ria? You can catch her on Instagram @mariaalexiiis and at both our NYC locations.