Instructor Spotlight: Michelle Turner-Young

Boston's Michelle Turner-Young has magnetic energy: you just can't look away. And who would want to? As a long-time Reggae dancer and Dancehall Queen, Michelle knows how to capture an audience. She's cute, she's fierce, and she'll work your a$$ off in class. Let's get to know the woman behind the killer outfits. 



What's your favorite part about teaching ((305))?

Definitely the people. I love the willingness every client comes in with, and even the ones that come doubting themselves leave with a totally different aspect than what they started with. They're smiling and twerking, just being free.

I luhv all your dancing videos on Insta. How did you get into Dancehall?

Growing up, Reggae and Dancehall music has always been apart my life. But the moment I knew I wanted to be a Dancehall Queen was when I was apart of a local radio stations dance squad. They brought a special guest DHQ from Jamaica. Her name was Stacey, she showed up to rehearsal in jeans and a fish net top......nothing else. Breasts out, confidence on high, people respected her for her rebelliousness. And from that moment alone I knew I wanted to be a DHQ. The rest is history lol. [Note: Michelle is INCREDIBLE. Check out her YouTube Channel to see your girl get down.] In 2008 I became the first American to win International Dancehall Queen.

What's the coolest show you've performed for?

I can't decide which is cooler...but Beenie Man was a big deal to perform with and the Backstreet Boys.

Where can we find you when you're not at ((305))?

When I'm not at ((305)) I'm usually doing something in the community, resting or rehearsing for the next project.

Performing, rehearsing, teaching... your life must require a TON of energy. How do you do it?

When I'm not busy with Dance adventures I'm always with my daughters. Or sorry-not-sorry thrifting for my life lol.

Your daughters are so cute. Are they also performers? Do you all dance together?

So as a mother of tween-age girls, they are pretty artistic. Angelique is an amazing drawing artist, and Angelina loves fashion. They both LOVE k-pop and Asian boys lol. Although they don't dance with me, I always catch them doing some k-pop moves from YouTube videos. 

What's your favorite pre-class snack? Post-class fuel? 

Pre-class snack: Apple and peanut butter...and Reese's peanut butter puffs hidden in my locker lol. Post-class snack usually consists of chicken and rice. And sometimes a cider.

If you could join any summer tour as a dancer right now, who would you like to join?

If I could join any tour right now it would definitely be MISSY ELLIOT!!!

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