Instructor Spotlight: Lexi Garcia

Lexi Garcia knows a thing or two about the hustle. The girl WONT. SIT. STILL. She’s auditioning, she’s training, she’s singing, she’s dancing, she’s doing all of the things—all of the time. The new ((305)) instructor is pumped to be teaching in concrete jungle where dreams (and rockin’ hot bods) are made of. Get the dirt on the newest member of the ((305)) fam.


Where are you from originally?

Way south, in Orlando, Florida. Disney was basically in my backyard. I used to go all the time, and I was obsessed. I mean...I’m still obsessed.

It’s the Happiest Place Earth! So when did you start dancing?

I started when I was 3. My mom is a girly-girl and just wanted to see my in a tutu. She didn’t know she was lighting the fire for the rest of my life. I was in competitive dance programs my whole life, and then I went to Marymount Manhattan College where I studied dance and got my BFA. It was an artsier approach to dance that I really enjoyed.

So that’s how you got here. What’s it like to show up in NYC at 18?

I was naive. I thought, “It’s college, how different could it be?” It was soooooo different. And exciting. If I had known how crazy and chaotic NYC was going to be, I don’t know if I would have been as gung-ho about moving up here. 

What did you do after you graduated?

I finished school early and got a job with Norwegian Cruise Line. It was more musical theater based, and I loved it. We performed review shows—everything from Fred Astaire to Moulin Rouge, to West Side Story, and Cabaret. 

Catch Lexi in action with $15 Community Classes in NYC!

All proceeds go to She's the First, sending girls to school for the first time. Check Lexi's teaching schedule, starting April 4th:

Tuesday 1PM Midtown
Wednesday 12:30PM Village
Thursday 11AM Village
Friday 10AM Midtown

Wait, wait, wait. Your first professional gig was on a CRUISE SHIP?

Yeah! This first ship brought me to all the Hawaiian island for six months. After that I came back to NYC, ready to hit the ground running...and Norwegian called me again. This was for an Alaskan cruise doing a show similar to Cirque du Soleil. I got to learn aerial moves—the upside down crazy fun stuff. 

And then what? And then what?!

And then I came back to NYC. I needed a land life! I saw that ((305)) was holding auditions. I tried out. I made it. I started the training. And then life did it’s crazy thing and threw me another wrench. I landed a part in Mama Mia! in a regional production in the midwest. Sadie, being the generous person she is, told me to go for it. She said I could retrain when I got back to New York. And here I am! Back at square one, and hitting the ground running. I’m almost done with training and will be starting Community Classes soon. 

Wisdom from Lexi: Don't date on cruise ships.

I tried dating while I was working at Norwegian, but looking back...WHY?! Things are so dramatic. Everyone knows everyone's business. You also end up dating international people, and when their contract is up it's like, "Welp bye see you never."

Oh right! How pumped are you about teaching your own classes? 

SOOO excited. I’m looking forward to meeting new people, watching them grow, and seeing everyone learn the dances. I’m a little anxious about energy levels. Teaching is a lot of work! I’m hoping that I can keep finding energy when that music hits—because ready or not, I’m doing this!

Alright so you’re auditioning. Your teaching. You’re training. Any advice on how to budget when you have big dreams?

I think it’s about learning when to say “yes.” Right now, Broadway is the dream I’m chasing. I’m going to say “yes” to things that support that dream, but that means saying “no” to plenty of other things. As much as I want that new pair of shoes or fancy coffee, I want voice lessons more. So I ask myself, “What is future Lexi going to thank me for?” And I call my mom. Moms always know the right thing to do.


Ready for more Lexi?

Hell YES you are! Take a class with Lexi in NYC. She starts $15 Community Classes on April 4.