Instructor Spotlight: Latoya Julce

Did it hurt, Latoya? When you fell from heaven right into the ((305)) fitness studio? Latoya Julce was one of the first ((305)) instructors EVER. Four years later, and our girl is still killing it.

Her high-intensity cardio and sculpt classes will have your legs, booty, arms, abs, WHOLE BODY burning for days. And we guarantee you’ll be coming back for more. BRB, going to take a quick break and start counting her abs…


You’ve been with ((305)) almost four years! What were you doing before that?

I was working in finance. I gave it up completely to start working in fitness

Stretching advice from the pro:

Get into that pigeon stretch. Pigeon stretches out the hips and the glutes. We do so many jumps and jump squats, it’s important to get in there. I’d also recommend a wide-leg straddle stretch for the inner thighs.

Wow. That’s...super different. 

I know. I am a lot happier when I am GIVING something to someone. In fitness, I can change people’s lives for the better instead of staring at a computer screen all day.

Are there any downsides to that tradeoff? 

The biggest issues I’ve found are scheduling and fatigue. I often teach in the morning, have afternoons off, and have to rally again at night. It’s very physical work, and your body definitely gets fatigued. Sometimes I’ll be like, ‘I don’t feel well,’ but I still gotta teach class. 

Woah. That’s intense. What do you to do keep your body from burning out?

Food and breaks. Taking a break from activity is super important. Your body can’t work out like this all the time—you’re not a machine. Taking a little time away, whether it’s one day or two months like my last trip, can keep the routine from getting to repetitive. It helps you learn to love it again.

Two-month vaycay? I want to hear about that...

I just got back from a two-month trip to Australia, New Zealand, and Thailand. I did yoga almost every day, sometimes I’d double up. And then some days I’d wake up and be like….nope it’s a beach day.

Let’s go back to food. Food is the best. What are some of your go-to snacks?

Before class I like something light. A banana, some almond butter, nuts. ((305)) is high impact, and jumping around with a full stomach can feel gross. I also love smoothies. I make mine with blueberries, strawberries, almond milk, almond butter, and a banana. 

Talk to me about Tinder

I don’t think dating apps work in NYC. It’s so hard to meet someone special. But I love Tinder when I travel, especially in Australia.

Sounds delicious. Real talk. I could see your abs from space. What do you do to workout?

Teaching is definitely a workout. I teach ((305)) and spinning at FlyWheel. I also try to do yoga twice a week, and if I could do more I totally would. And weight lifting—I lift two or three times a week. I really believe in taking breaks for your body and switching things up to keep yourself interested. 

Dayum. Okay we gotta wrap this up. What do you love about living in NYC?

I love everybody's drive. I’m a passionate person, and I feel like New Yorkers are too—so they can relate to me. Sometimes when I’m talking to people from other cities, they can’t relate the intensity. New York is a hustle. It’s hard work to make it here, and when it does work—it’s such a feeling of accomplishment. 

Need more Laytoya in your life?

Easy answer: you do. Find a class with our #1 bae in NYC and follow her on Instagram.