Instructor Spotlight: J. Lott in the House

Have you ever had a bad day? The kind of day where you want to talk to your best friend becuase you KNOW that they'll make everything better? J. Lott is that friend. He'll fuel your worth, fire up your soul, and have you feeling better in no time. We're pumped to add J. Lott to the New York City rank of instructor hotties. And we're even more excited to get into one of his community classes ASAP.

Want to unfold the mystery behind the man? Keep reading to learn more about J.Lott's history, his favorite artist, and what he likes to do in the shower. 

Cuties get in line...J.Lott will be here all night.

Cuties get in line...J.Lott will be here all night.

Let’s build this story. Where are you from? How’d you get here?

I am from Houston, Texas. H-TOWN vicious! I studied Management and Marketing in business while in college, and then went into management. I was working at the same company for more than six years, and I realized I was getting complacent. 

I used to visit NYC every summer, and I decided I needed to make the move. I thought, “If I can make it in New York I can make it anywhere.” It was a confusing time in my life, and I hoped NYC would help me figure out what I really wanted.

What have you been up to in the big city?

At first, I kept my existing job for the income. But it wasn’t making me happy. Corporate America is not my passion. I’ve been performing my whole life, so I started going on auditions and picking up modeling gigs when I could on the side. When I tried out for ((305)) I thought “If I make it, I’ll leave my corporate job and go from there.” And I made it. 

Now it’s time to shift gears. I’m excited about teaching ((305)), and I’m still looking out for auditions and instructor roles to teach youth dance lessons. 

What’s your favorite song to sing in the shower?

"I’m stuck in 90s early 2000s R&B music. My mom calls me an “old soul.” The new music is cool, but I want my R&B all the time. When I’m going out. When I’m with my friends. When I’m getting dressed up nice and sexy…"

What’s one of the most interesting auditions you’ve been to lately?

I was auditioning for a dance part. The part I was most prepared for and excited about was the freestyle. I practiced, trained, and came up with killer choreography. I just knew I had it. When time came they didn't even let us do the freestyle haha. I was like WTF...I was ready to kill.

That sounds nerve wracking. Speaking of trying new things, what was it like to teach your first ((305)) community class?

It was a euphoric feeling—an out of body experience. More people showed up than I expected and I was like “Ok, let me OWN this.” I gave it my all. I felt like I really made an impact on the class, and I felt accomplished. This was what I trained for.

Who do you hope will show up to your ((305)) class?

"Ciara. I am a Ciara fanatic. I’ve loved her since 2004, when I was hanging out in a garage and heard her on the radio. I like her style...her dancing...her music...and her story!"

What’s the hardest part of training to be a ((305)) instructor?

I’ve always been a perfectionist. Even in school, my approach was always to study, study, study, and then succeed. It can seem like I’m a slow starter, but I’m really just taking it all in. With ((305)) you just jump right in the fire. At first I was always second guessing myself—with the cueing and the choreography. I was in my head. But as soon as I locked in that muscle memory—BAM I got it. You could see the difference in my face and energy. 

My next goal is to have the confidence to shake up the classes a little more. Since I’m newer, I stick with a structure, and I have it down pat. I’m looking forward to growing and changing things up on the fly. 

Tell me about downtime. What do you do to unwind?

A variety of things. I love water: water sports, lake time, fishing, waterfalls. Even showers. When I take my showers I’m in there forever. I’ll light a candle, lay down in the shower, and let the water rush over me, so I can reflect on my life. When I get out...I’m all wrinkly. 

Alright baby, what’s your sign?

Taurus. I embody they everything a taurus is… and that includes needing my alone time. Sometimes I’ll binge watch TV for hours. When I first moved to New York there were a lot more parties. But these days there is a lot of Law and Order: SVU.

Last Q: Who would you be on Law and Order SVU?

My favorite character is Olivia. She IS the show. I would Mr. Olivia Benson. I love everything about her.

Want more of jlott? 

Of course you do. Check out his community class schedule in the big apple and follow him on Instagram.