Quick Hits with Hannah Jean Hildreth

Looking for a class that will wear your body down and build your booty-full confidence up? Look no further than Miss Hannah Jean. Hanna Jean Hildreth is keeping it lit in NYC and she's not cooling off any time soon. 


What do you like most about performing?

Performing allows me to be infinite. It allows me to be totally vulnerable and totally protected at the same time. It allows me to connect with people, much in the way that teaching does. Nothing matters to me more than feeling like I've affected someone—their emotional life, their thoughts, their fantasies, their hopes for themselves. Teaching at ((305)) feels great for me for the same reasons that performing feels great. It is, in many ways, a performance!


How do you handle a bad kisser?

Girl, you gotta tell 'em. I feel like as a dancer I'm so used to giving subtle body cues, but some people just can't take a hint. Getting used to telling people EXACTLY what I liked and wanted has been the most amazing thing for my life and sex life. Chances are if someone seems like a "bad" kisser, you probably just don't really want to kiss them... pro tip: stop kissing them. Easier said that done!


Imagine you've just been given the power to create your own nail polish. What does it look like and what is the name of the color?

It's called SEND NUDES and it's a clear polish that wards off fuckboys.


What's the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

Tuck my dog back into bed. He likes to take my spot when I get up!

What's the last thing you do before you go to bed?

I always rub my feet before I go to bed. I use an arnica massage oil and rub the bejeezus out of them, then lie down with my legs up the wall. I spend so much time on my feet! Plus—that's time I definitely can't be plugged in to my phone.


What's your pre-305 routine like?

Caffeine definitely helps! And food. I always get teased by the front desk staff about how much I'm able to eat right before teaching. Burrito, sushi, veggie burger, french fries, you name it.

If I'm not feeling 110%, I'll throw on a bright lipstick. It's a pre-teaching ritual that perks me up and gets me into the zone. It's amazing to me that no matter what is going on in my life, or how I'm feeling, as soon as the lights and music go on and class begins, I'm transported to a totally different zone.

What role can dance play in breaking down barriers?

I think throughout history, people have been oppressed through separation and segregation. This can look like many things—not allowing people to meet and congregate, or criminalizing a certain part of someone's culture, like their language or religion. Divide and conquer can apply to the individual as well—separating the mind and body is similar to separating an individual from their group. Dancing has even been made illegal. (And certain people dancing together has been made illegal, for instance during the Jim Crow era in our country). Dancing unites. It inspires, it connects, it empowers. It tells stories, it pushes culture forward. It celebrates individualism and community.

What advice can you give to folks who are learning to love their bodies?

Find what makes you feel powerful and do it. Keep at it. Love is a choice, it's a practice, that we have to keep coming back to.

It sounds corny, but treating my body like it's someone else's has really helped me. There's so much shame around women ENJOYING and LOVING their bodies, that when we feel confident it's hard to hold on to that feeling, but it's so necessary. Be defiantly in love with yourself.

You're not a failure if you don't love your body, but you're not going to succeed if you've decided you're at war with your body.


Want more of Hannah? Of course you do. Catch her in class in NYC or on the 'Gram.