7 Things You Didn't Know About Byron Smith

Who turned up the heat? Byron Smith has been a DC Junkie favorite for a long time, and we just can't get enough. There's just so much mystery behind that smile, those eyes, those biceps... Here are seven things you probably didn't know about your crush Big B. 


1) He's from Ohio.

Your boi might look right at home in the big city (and on the big stage), but he's a Cincinnati man at heart. 

2) He's performed with Mya .

And he's pretty humble about it. "It's pretty phenomenal...very special. I got to do things I've never dreamed of and I'm very grateful for it."

3) ...But he still gets nervous about going on stage. 

You'd think performing with a superstar would give him bullet proof nerves, but Byron still gets a little nervous. His tip? "Just breathe."

4) He believes small goals make a big difference.

When clients want to take their workout to the next limit, Byron suggests focusing on small goals: hold plank just one minute longer, take just one more class a week... When you achieve these small milestones, you can go on to set the next goal.

5) He is a firm supporter of compression pants.

Fellas, if you want to join the ((305)) gang, and we know you do, you got to keep EVERYTHING in place. Byron suggests compression shorts or pants/leggings.

6) He's a man of modest dreams.

We asked Byron what he would do with a surprise, no-strings-attached $500 prize: "Probably have a nice ass meal and buy a few pairs of jeans."

7) His dream client is Rihanna.

Who could blame him. We think Rhianna would kill it in ((305)). Ri Ri? Did you hear us? Come dance bebe!

More Byron?

Alright, alright calm down. We heard you! Catch a class with your main man in DC and follow him on Instagram