Instructor Spotlight: Ana "The Booty Whisperer" Clarke

She’s classically trained. She’s classy as hell. She’s Ana Clarke—and she’s coming to a new class time near you. Ana is one of the freshest faces on the NYC scene, and she’s going to make you (t)werk, (t)werk, (t)werk. When you sign up for class with Ana, you’re getting grade-A, dance professional, star-studded treatment. What are you waiting for

Tell me about your dance journey. Where did you start?

I’ve been dancing since I was a little girl. I would dance all around the house, and my mom saw that I definitely needed to be in dance classes. I didn’t take it seriously until I was about 11, before then I was acting. From age 11 was all dance. Jazz. Hip hop. Street funk. I didn’t get into ballet until I was a teenager, and that was a huge transition.

Ana's here to party. And by party, we mean give you the best d**n workout of your life.

Ana's here to party. And by party, we mean give you the best d**n workout of your life.

Teenage years is pretty late for ballet, right?

Super late. But that’s when I really started to connect with dance and my own body. I went to Dean College in their associate program—and I finally understood ballet for the first time. I was in pink tights. Pink shoes. Leotard. The whole works. It was terrifying. 

I don’t have a “ballet body,” and was very self-conscious. I’m five-foot. I have a butt. I have thighs. It took a long time to stop comparing myself to the women in the room who had been studying ballet their whole lives.

That’s so intense.

I know! I had an amazing teacher who pushed me. It took a while, though. I stuck to it. I did my homework. And eventually I saw a difference in how my body was moving and changing. I was so much fitter and stronger. It was a beautiful, big, scary wake up call to work that hard.  

So how did you end up in NYC?

I knew I had to dance. I went to NYC and enrolled in the American Musical and Dramatic Academy (AMDA). It was the coolest thing ever. I was learning, dancing, singing, and acting. So I decided to stay in NYC, because that’s where it’s at!  

How did ((305)) get into the mix?

It is the funniest story. I work next door at The Ainsworth Midtown. It thought ((305)) was actually called “What’s The Password,” because it's the biggest sign you can see from the studio. One day I was looking for auditions on Craigslist, and I saw ((305)) had an open call. So I got my ass in gear and submitted my headshot and resume. I couldn’t believe it was right there the whole time!


1) She loves pickle juice. She’ll eat a jar of pickles in two days.
She’s quiet when you first meet her...but it doesn’t last long.
3) *She loves adobo seasoning and puts it on everything.

And when you finally took a class…

I was hooked. I took Tom’s class. He was so awesome, and his class kicked my butt. It was amazing. It was such an incredible experience and I knew it was something I wanted to be part of—for sure.

What’s the biggest difference between teaching a class and taking a class?

They are both exhausting...but teaching is even more tiring. The clients that come to ((305)) deserve an amazing class. I can have a s**t day, but walking into that room, taking command, and leading everyday people to just let loose is extremely inspiring to me. That’s why I give 110% every time. I love our 305 junkies they truly do inspire me and make me so proud. At the end of class I almost get emotional because I see how hard they worked—and how they’re still smiling.


I definitely foam roll. When I need something harder, I use a tennis ball on my calves. Sometimes I’ll even take a rolling pin to them. And cold showers….hate it, but it helps.

Where can we find you when you’re not at ((305))?

Under the covers! No really, I love to Netflix-n-chill. I take a nice hot shower and then turn on Wentworth. It’s so good, it’s like Orange Is the New Black, but Australian and more gruesome. I sound so boring…

That’s not boring. But...what other things do you do?

My goal is to one day be on Broadway, so I’m always hunting down auditions and open calls. I’ve been a back up dancer for artists. I’ve been in music videos, and I do some modeling. 

That’s a strong side hustle. Okay time to wrap things up. Think fast: if you had to create a motivational poster, what would it say?

The best steak you can have, is the one you cook yourself.