Hot and Spicy Yoga with Kirra Michel

New York is about to get wayyyy hotter, thanks to new ((305)) yoga classes with Kirra Michel. This Down Under babe knows a thing two about breaking the mold—and breaking a sweat. Kirra's classes aren't for the faint of heart (but she sure does make us weak in the knees). Hear more about Kirra's origins (Australia), snack-habits (hello Siracha!) and finding that zen feeling in the cubicle (pro tip: just breathe).  


Where are you from? How did you get to NYC?

Byron Bay Australia baby!! I got here by

I was traveling around the world, went to Indonesia, Singapore, Qatar, New York, Cali. I loved NYC, so I stayed. End of story. I'm a bit of a gypsy. If you know much about my home town, you'll understand.

What drew you to yoga?

I was so resistant to yoga. I was always about high intensity training or boxing. It wasn't until I took a friends class to support her that I realized that yoga doesn't have to be slow!

The flow reminded me of a dance—I loved the intensity and strength work associated with it.

What kept you practicing?

The mental and physical aspect of it. Without my yoga and meditation, this girl goes crazy! (#cutebutcrazy). I need my drop of active zen time. And TBH and I love what it's done to my body physically!


What's your favorite yoga pose when you're having an amazing day?

Handstands. Handstands everywhere.

Firstly they make me feel like a kid again (not that I'm an adult yet either), they're challenging as hell and a great goal to work towards AND they literally help you change your mood by affecting your endocrine system, which helps release hormones into the body. Also the fact that your heart is elevated above your head helps reduce cortisol (a stress hormone).

Life is so harrrrd. What can I do at my day job to get that post-yoga-class-zen feeling?

BREATHE! Seriously. Set your alarm on your phone to go off every 30 minutes. When it goes off, sit up tall, roll your shoulders back and take 5 DEEP, full diaphragmatic breaths (wherebelly and chest expand front to back, and side to side). Now you've fixed your posture and worked towards slowing the stressed mind down.

You just won a very specific lottery: any celebrity of your choice gets to take your class. Who would you invite?

Joe Rogan (I'm obsessed)


What's your favorite post-class snack?

Avocado toast and siracha.... mmmmmmm. Or a peanut butter and banana smoothie with protein.

Get your Kirra fix

Check out Kirra's sweat-busting yoga workout in NYC. Then go #lifegoals over her Instagram