Instructor Spotlight: Divinity Gaines

C'mon Miss Honey! Once you get a taste of Divinity Gaines, you'll be dancing circles, too. She is one of our newest NYC instructors, and when she isn't teaching, she's still dancin' 24/7 as a New York Knicks City Dancer. You can see her shine on TV, in magazines, at pageants, and in the classroom. Like WHOA!

She is a superstar with irreverent sass and irresistible charm, who also mixes in an edgy tomboy realness with drop-dead babe dopeness. Expect to see lots lots of creative combos, chill vibes, and a smile that'll make you drop to your knees.

Read more about our Tomboy Glam below and book her class A$AP!

Tell us about your bad self!

How would your friends describe you?

Imma hustler who doesn't take no for an answer. I work hard for what I want. My friends would describe me as the life of the party, spontaneous, full of life.

Foxy fearless petite bad ass. Who is in love with popcorn and is #Shameless AF. I enjoy reading motivational books, traveling and getting turnt with my friends whole walking outta clubs when the lights come on. I would describe myself as Rihanna meets Mariah Carey. I can be a totally tomboy than turn around and serve straight diva honey.
I'm also that girl who makes up all the catch phrase: "Miss Honey", "You better work with your kinky Bootz", or "Come on with your badass!

Dope! So where do you call home?

New Jersey native, though currently living In The Sunny Side Part Of Brooklyn Bushwick.

How'd you hear all about 305?

My wonderful fitness professional friends told me all about it. I surround myself around positive woman who encourage me to reach new levels. They told me my attitude and energy matched the 305 vybz and little did I know I fit in perfectly 

What's your teaching style?

I'd like to think as my class as an escape from reality. A mix of your home girl from around the way meets Sasha Fierce. It's a place where you can unleash the inner you. We will shake our ass while sweating and who knows you might even shed a tear from how great you feel after.

Who inspires you and why?

My younger brother Jamal "Mally" Gaines inspires me, I do everything in honor of him. He owned 2 sneaker boutiques, which were featured on channels like VH1, Cosmopolitan, and even sold sneakers to DJ Khaled just to name a few of his accomplishments.
Being only 21 and seeing him accomplish so much he inspires me everyday to get my 💩 together and not settle for less than my worth. He was a true definition of a young boss. #mallytaughtme

What's your all-time favorite movie?

Sister Act 2 ... Weird yessah but I live by some of the quotes in that movie:
"If you wake up in the morning and the only thing you think about is.... Then you suppose to be a .... Girl."
"If you want to be somebody if you want to go somewhere you better wake up and pay attention."

How'd you get into dance and teaching?

Dancing came to me a little later in the game. I started training at the age of 10 book my first job 2 years later. After that it was a wrap as dancing became my world.

I loveeeeeee helping others so teaching came second nature to me, it started with children I saw how much I inspired them. They would try to dress like me and even do the same hairdos. I knew from that day forward my purpose was bigger than a, "5, 6, 7, 8!"

If you're having a bad day, what's your go-to mood lifter? 

Starbucks Carmel Frapp or a FaceTime call to my beautiful mother as she always knows how to cheer me up. 🙂


Neither, in the 90's I was all about LUDACRIS.

Marry/Fuck/Slay - Bey, Drake, Nicki

Usher Usher and more Usher. That's My Baby Daddy!  🤰

Pick one: Would you rather teach your first class naked or be clothed and have your whole class be naked?

I'd rather have ATBC (anything but clothes) Party. Dressing up in a costume allows you to create an alter ego for yourself and I would love to see what creative idea the junkies come up with. 👹

Hooked on Divitinity? Junkies can catch her on the 'gram at @divinity_gaines and you can book her class now!