Imani: The Fairydust Friend

Throw caution to the wind. Imani’s eccentric, dynamic class is a 55-minute exercise in forgetting your worries and enjoying the moment. Imani is nimble, graceful, and defies all expectations.

She is creative, adventurous, and always seems to be having the best freakin time. She embraces life with a positive outlook. Every day is an adventure. If you’re looking to smile your face off, Imani’s class will have you feeling your best.

DC, meet Imani.


DC is so excited to meet you! First off, why do you love ((305))?

((305)) has it all: The dances, the people, the politics, the music, the structure - it's all there!


What was the most challenging part about training?

The long days and pushing through, physically and mentally.


Tell us about a time you failed.

In middle school, I auditioned repeatedly for the school musicals. Despite the teachers enjoying my auditions, I never made it no matter how hard I practiced.

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If you could have lunch with three people, dead or alive, who would they be?

Donald Glover and my grandmothers.


When you're not teaching at ((305)), we can find you....

Dancing, choreographing, performing, working out at the gym, or sleeping.

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Tell us a story from your childhood that proves you're a #BOSS.

Once, we had to put on an Easter play for church and no one wanted to be Jesus. The girls didn't want to play a masculine character. But I didn't care. Jesus was the main character and I wasn't gonna pass up that kinda opportunity because fuck gender norms. Also it was super fun to pretend to baptize everyone.


What's one thing you've learned about who you are in the last year?

I've got a lot of tenacity.

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What's your go-to post-class snack or meal?

Anything close because I get hangry!


Your favorite 90s jam is:

"Poison" by Bell Biv DeVoe

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A flamingo walks through the door right now wearing over-the-knee boots. What does she want and why is she here?

I have a perfect skirt to match her boots and we're going out #feathersout


Name three ways you want to make people feel in your class:

Inspired, challenged, and energized!

Can't get enough of Imani? Same.

Follow her on Instagram @modernmani. Community classes with Imani are just $10 and run through December 1st. Proceeds go to She's the First, helping girls in low-income countries get degrees, as the first in their families.

P.S. - When you buy a $10 credit, we'll automatically book a spot for you and a friend. Score!   Book a class here!