In honor of Earth Day (4/22/17), we're celebrating all the green that's supporting our trademark neon pink.

The ((305)) family is hella loud and proud about our fierce AF attitude, our 🔥🔥  choreo and our die-hard commitment to kicking the shit out of racial, gender, religious and other barriers. And behind the scenes, we also werk to be environmentally friendly and eco-conscious. 

In this political climate, we can't count on our government to care for our planet's wellbeing. 

But companies are made of people. And people have a responsibility to do what's right. When you spend $$ at 305, your dollars are going to a brand that lives and breathes "corporate social responsibility" (the fancy way of saying 'Cmon people! Do the right thing!'). 



Let's break it down: we've got the basics down, obvs.

The only equipment we use in class are our bodies and our weights! All the energy we burn through to fuel ourselves through class comes from within -- YASSS.

That's not all, though: our HBIC Sadie-- who's been known to kick things up a notch or seven -- did the same thing when it comes to going green.  

In our NYC studios, we use gas instead of electric to heat our water. This is MAJOR on the planet! All those showers add up. Big time. 

Our studios also rely on towels and hand dryers instead of paper towels.

Speaking of towels, we also do our best to limit use of superfluous towels to reduce energy with washing big loads.  Our HBIC, Sadie K., hated going to gyms and studios and seeing four towels on one person; a towel for the hair, for the bod, for the cooch, for the feet, even! We want you to feel cared for, and we also wanna do the right thing for for the Urth. Respect. 

And unlike a lot of fitness studios -- cough cough, not naming names -- we also actively recycle any water bottles left behind in our studios, as well as other papers and plastics. This is an easy one, people! 

Our studios are all paperless. Cmon, people! It's 2017. Why waste trees? The only time you'll ever see us use paper is for a first-timer liability waiver. And even then, we cut paper in half cuz, duh, paper should only be used to roll a J.

There's more!

Both our NYC studios have "smart" water fountains that tell us our clients have saved at least 90,000 water bottles by opting to use the water fountain rather than purchasing plastic bottles. 90,000! That's enough to power a 60-watt lightbulb for more than 30 years! (Need *another* kick in the pants to get on that reusable bottle train? Our in-studio merch line in NYC has a kickass glass BKR bottle. Jump on it.)

Our in-studio lights are all LED powered. They're more expensive to buy upfront, but they last wayyy longer. LEDs have a ton of advantages over incandescent (everyday) bulbs; most importantly, lower energy consumption, longer lifetime, and less waste for the planet. 

Our New York studios also have an auto-controlled HVAC system that self-regulates to make sure it uses much less power when our junkies aren't twerkin' it up in the studio. It also cools the room before class, so it doesn't have to waste as much energy cooling all you sweaty kweens off while you're gettin' low.

Last but not least: we love plants! We have cacti and a gorgeous bird of paradise in the Village studio, cleanin' up the air by the front desk. Check it:


So get your booty into class this week to celebrate Earth Day and give ya bad self an extra wink in the mirror for choosing a fitness studio that's werkin' hard to save the planet. 💁