How to Speak Yoga

For beginners, yoga can seem daunting. But trust us when we say yoga is truly for everyone. To help put your mind at ease, we're breaking down some of the lingo you'll hear during your first class. Everyone's gotta start somewhere! 

  • Downward Dog
    AKA Downward Doggie Dog (if ya feel me).

This is like the OG yoga pose. In your yoga practice, you can consider this position home base. It's a great way to check in with your body throughout your session to make sure everything's feeling fresh. Plus, it's a great way to engage your core, arms and legs- plus it improves your circulation. 

Look familiar?

Look familiar?

  •  Chair pose

This is another basic yoga pose that can easily be modified based on where you're at in your practice. It's a great way to stretch your chest and shoulders (which is often where lots of stress will manifest in the body!). 

Na na na na na na! Get sitty with it!


  • Chaturanga

AKA The Yoga Push Up

Push ups can be hard and the yoga version is no different. But with practice, you will find that the Chaturanga becomes easier as you get stronger. And that's, like, the best type of win-win situation. 


  •  Shavasana

Think of it like Shavasa-nap.

This is your final resting pose after a kicka$$ class. It's simultaneously the easiest and hardest pose. It's the easiest because you're essentially just laying on your back. It's the hardest because you're awake but supposed to be completely relaxed. But hey, sometimes even the best of us accidentally fall asleep on the mat.  

  • Namaste

Or should we say "Nah, I'mma stay and go to cardio after yoga"?

Namaste is all about sealing your practice with honor for yourself and those around you. It is usually said at the end of practice with a slight bow of the head and hands folded into prayer pose. 

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See you on the mat!