Tell Me About Your Bae

Every day is Valentine's Day when you're in looooove like these babes. Our instructors found love in a hopeless place...and they're keeping the romance alive.

Hear from your favorite instructors on how they met their #1 baes. 

I met Ryan outside the club! He said he watched me dance and didn't know if I was with someone so he never came up to me.  It is a good thing he waited because I was slaying and had no time for boys (that night anyway lol)...we chatted for a bit while I waited for my sis to finish chatting with some hotty. I remember thinking, "this one's different, I hope he calls me"...he did #smartman ;)

Jess Edwards, Boston Instructor

Tyler and I met in June of 2009. It was three weeks after I graduated college and we were both starving artists (an actor and a dancer) waiting tables in NYC. After a few months of flirting he asked me if I wanted to come over and watch the Oscars with him that evening (typical actor date), and we've been together ever since. He followed me as I danced all around the world, and I traveled with him on acting gigs. We've now been together 7 years, married for 4 years, and are expecting our first baby girl in July— I wouldn't trade it for anything...not even a tour with Britney! 

Jess Evans, NYC Instructor

My boyfriend Hunter and I were set up by my best friend, and ((305)) junkie, Brittany. Hunter and Brittany shared a mutual friend so she arranged for me and him to meet at a pregame. We both thought we would hate the other and before I arrived, Hunter sat in the corner of the room to try to avoid the set up. Luckily we eventually warmed up to each other and the night ended with a super classy dance floor makeout. We have been together ever since! I am a very lucky 4'9" girl to have this 6'5" guy, I'm totally head over heels for him. 

Danielle Carlacci, Instructor, NYC


Leonard and I met Summer 2014 through mutual friends and were surprised that we had a lot of friends in common, but had never actually bumped into one another. Or so we thought. One drunk, crazy NYE party brought us under the same roof. Once the party was over and I was leaving, he "couldn't let me leave without asking me for my number." It didn't click that night (and I'm a total idiot because he's a TOTAL catch), but God inevitably had his way and brought us together again. We managed to recall that we had already met and maybe in our hearts knew we didn't want to let it go this time around.

Fast forward 3 years later, and I'm still obsessed and can't wait to get old and stinky with this guy!

Quiana Atherly, DC Instructor


I met Julien's family through an ex (lol) and we were friendly acquaintances for a few years. After my ex and I broke up, Julien's family offered support and inspired me to be strong in myself and do what is important to me. Julien and I started collaborating on improv sessions, with my dancing and his violin music. After some sessions we would drink tea and hang out... We quickly realized that we are important to each other, and the rest is history :)  

Wisty Andres, Boston Instructor


Adam & I met in the pre-Tinder Era, through Jdate. The actual .com, in the years before swiping left and right!! He hit me up through instant message while he was apparently at work (working super hard finding dates). I knew right away I was really into him, and was giddy when meeting on our first date. Weird story there, we wanted to get a lil' snack with our drinks, and although I tend to eat pretty healthy and he's a Type 1 diabetic, neither of us wanted to be difficult or fussy and we somehow decided to go with mozzarella sticks. That was the last time we had those together, now we are not shy to awkwardly ordered sautéed broccoli as a snack."

Bex Miller, NYC Instructor

How we met: Last summer at a mutual friend's house party (Jack Solomon!). Things developed really slowly between us. It took him about 20 minutes after leaving the party to text me, 25 minutes to ask me out. 3 weeks and some 30 dates later, we became official. 

Natalia Roberts, NYC Instructor