305 FLOW is the ultimate hangover cure... no, seriously.

Good morning, y'all! Raise your hand if you got a little too festive with the tequila last night and had to turn the brightness down on your phone this morning.

That's what we thought. 

Thankfully we also know the cure to that oh-so-hungover feeling: 305 Flow. 

No, seriously. 

According to the experts, the worst thing you can do when you're trying to cure a hangover is lay in bed all day. 305 Flow is a great way to get up and stretch all the toxins that are lurking in your body. The sequences of movement increases blood flow, which helps you feel better faster.

Plus, 305 Flow is in a heated room- perfect for accelerating that detox process. Just be sure you hydrate before, during and after class. 

So the next time you wake up feeling like death, put down that bacon (at least until after class) and grab your water bottles- we'll see you on the mat. 

Sign up for ((305)) Flow HERE.

Just FYI, Flow is hot yoga with a dance-inspired twist. A soulful, movement-based vinyasa class open to all levels and especially great for those new to yoga. With creative sequencing, and a dope soundtrack of slow jams and R&B, this sexy vinyasa class matches movement to music. This class is heated so expect to sweat.