5 Stupid, Dumb Ways to Get Lucky When you Live in New York

In honor of St. Patty's Day we wanted to round up the best ways to get lucky...WHEN YOU LIVE IN NEW YORK, of course! 

1. When there's no line

What is it about New York and waiting in LINES? They're everywhere- the grocery, the bodega, waiting to catch a cab, to get into your office building, to pick up your lunch, to get into the bar- it's madness! 

1.5 Bonus- Some food for thought:

I just love this GIF.

2. When you're headed down the right track (we're talking trains, people!)


There are a million ways to lose when it comes to riding the MTA, but every once in a while a good moment will come around and make your day. The train arriving as soon as you step on the platform? Amazing. Landing a seat all to yourself? Even better. When you're running late to work and the train randomly happens to be running express to your stop? #ALLTHEFEELS

3. When you call an uberPOOL and it's just you the whole ride

Sharing is caring and meeting new people is great, but sometimes you just want to be alone. Why is it that you always seem to get squashed in the middle seat? See also: when your cab driver times it right so you get ALL GREEN LIGHTS. 

4. When you're carrying just enough cash to stop at a food stand

Falafel, tacos, and fruits - oh my! Sure, you could always make a special trip to the ATM, but doesn't it seem so much sweeter when you already have the cash? 

5. When you see a celebrity walking down the street / grocery shopping / at the club / filming a movie

It's all about the little things, duh!