Sweat Style: DIY THE NEON TEA PARTY x 305 Fringe & Choker Tee

Hello you sassy, lovely people! My name is Marisa and I am the blogger behind The Neon Tea Party, a lifestyle and DIY blog dedicated to all things bright, bold and a bit eclectic.

As lovers of ((305)), we all know the gear is already dope as is, but if you’re itching to further spice up your workout wear, this tutorial has you covered.

For this t-shirt DIY, I incorporated two popular warm weather trends: chokers and fringe. The cutout in this tutorial gives the illusion of a V-neck shirt paired with a choker, while the fringe will make dancing in class even more fun. 

All you need for this simple DIY are a ((305)) muscle tank and some items from around your home.


((305)) Muscle tank

STEP ONE: Cut it out

Start by flipping your shirt inside out. Next, once you’ve determined how low you want your V to go, find the center point of your shirt and mark a dot where your V will come to a point. (I marked mine at 4 inches.) Use your ruler to draw a diagonal line up to the collar of your shirt. Make note of the exact length of the line (mine measured 5 inches) and draw a line of the same length from the center of V to the other side of the collar. You should get a perfectly symmetrical and centered V.

Snip a small hole in the center of the V and cut up from the hole to just below the collar. Cut along the bottom of the collar until the pencil marks on both sides, leaving the collar and its sewn edge untouched.

Finish the opening by cutting along pencil marked V.

STEP TWO: Fringe it up

Keep the shirt inside out and trim off care tags. Next, decide where you want your fringe to begin and make a small mark on both sides of the shirt.

Fold the shirt along your imaginary fringe line and iron a crease. Unfold the shirt and you’ll now be able to use this crease as your fringe guideline. 

Cut fringe from the bottom of the shirt to the iron crease, each fringe measuring about 1 cm wide.

Next, take two neighboring fringe strips and knot them together. Do this all the way around.

The last step is to repeat the knotting process by taking two strips from two adjacent fringe bundles and knot those together, repeating until you’ve completed the whole shirt.

If your fringe is longer, you can repeat this step a third time for even more impact.

STEP THREE: Rock your festive new workout top at your next ((305)) class!

I hope you enjoyed this sweat-friendly DIY!

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Peace, love & neon,