Here's how 305FLOW is different from your everyday basic yoga- as told by your favorite Real Housewives

As y'all know, we do things a little differently around here at 305- and yoga is no exception. Here's a list of all the ways 305FLOW is different than your regular degular yoga class- as told by your favorite Real Housewives. 


Are we kidding? Absolutely not. This shit gets real. Imagine getting into downward doggie dog to the sounds of Beyoncé. Yeah. It's truly LIT.  

2. Did we mention FLOW uses both candles and colored lights?

We know. 

3. The instructors always start class with a moment of zen

It's like your own personal fortune cookie to carry with you throughout your class (and the rest of your week). #LIFESPIRATION is always welcome here. 

4. FLOW is heated... 

It's heated, not hot. So, you get the prefect temperature to sweat it out, without feeling like you're gonna pass out. Win-win. 

5. It's the perfect way to double up after 305 Cardio if your feeling really sporty...

Sometimes you need to kick a$$ in back-to-back classes. But sometimes you just need a single FLOW to unwind after an exhausting week. It's all about balance, duh. 

6. Oh, yeah- and it's only $18 for a single class!!!!!!!!!!!

That's like...crazy good. 

7. We like to have fun...

...water! Don't forget to stay hydrated, y'all! 

Want to try out 305FLOW for yourself? We thought so. You can sign up for classes here.