Bend, stretch and FLOW with Chris

When Chris moves, the world stops. Don’t let looks fool you. Bottled into his pint-sized frame is a world of indomitable energy and powerful intention. Go hard or go home, boy.

Okay, so in your own words: Wtf is 305 FLOW? 

305 FLOW is a dance-inspired, movement-based yoga class designed for the 305 client. We break the rules in this non-traditional heated yoga class, so don't expect a lot of meditation. What you can expect is a ton of movement, a kick-ass playlist of slow jams & R&B, and that same boost of confidence and sexy that you'd get in a 305 CARDIO class. 

What was your first time like?

Sneaky. surprising. it was my best friend in high school.

I mean, erm, what was your first time like in a yoga class?

Intimidating AF. When you're a dancer, you take on a ton of pain and injury over the years. So it was super important to me that I try a class to see if it helped. 

Sounds challenging! Why did you keep coming back?

Not only has it helped me maintain healthy muscles and joints, but it's gotten me stronger and super self-aware. I tell everyone that my secret weapon is yoga. I'd compare it to an underground supplement juice-heads would need to take in order to do all the crazy sh*t they do. If i feel any sensation, (physical, emotional or mental) I hit a yoga class. Everything is a little more clear after I practice. 

What's your teaching mantra? 

Keep going. 

What is your very favorite piece of 305ACTIVE apparel (here's a link: if you want to peruse)? 

That unisex muscle tee

12. If you could make one food calorie/fat/sugar free forever, what would it be?


Biggest recommendation for someone new to 305 flow walking in for the first time?

Be open-minded and let yourself go. While moments of the class may feel difficult or uncomfortable, the post 305 Flow high is worth the risk. 


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