Baby Bend Over: I took 305 Flow for 5 days straight and this is what happened

HELLO ((305))! Whadddup, brah?

It's me, your favorite blogger and dedicated ((305)) junkie. I've been hearing lots of hype about ((305)) FLOW and I wanted to dip my feet and try it. I kinda just dove head first and got really mvthafvckin wet (hi, mom!) with 5 straight days of ((305)) Flow. 

Step 1: Do My Research. 

First, I looked up the class. A+ #TeachersPet. The offish description online is totes sexy. Usher, come for me!

((305)) Flow:  Hot yoga with a dance-inspired twist. A soulful, movement-based vinyasa class open to all levels and especially great for those new to yoga. With creative sequencing, and a dope soundtrack of slow jams and R&B, this sexy vinyasa class matches movement to music. This class is heated so expect to sweat. 

 Sounds grool right? 

Then, I got lost on instagram for 30 minutes looking up #yoga #headstands. I ended up on one of those instagram pages with 20M followers of some girl with a ginormous perky ass doing squats all over the town. Go girl, go! Time to go to bed, blogger. Time to go to bed! 

Step 2: Show Up To Class.

Unlike ((305)) Cardio with those goddamn wait lists, ((305)) Flow classes are much more chill to sign up for. I was able to sign up for a class day of. By the grace of Drake! Day of! It's a ((305)) miracle! 

I showed up to the studio and was like "f*ck I forgot my mat/I don't even own a yoga mat."

The front desk person was super nice and was all like "omg, we gotchu, girl. A free mat rental comes with class. Just take your shoes off and enjoy."

Step 3: Document My Feelings.

Class #1: Wow I am totally zen! That class was amazing. This is going to be a piece of cake. 

I was excited to start Day 1 because I know I need more yoga in my life, but have never found the class that keeps me consistent. I'm kind of, like...super lazy about yoga. Is that even a thing?!

I've got some pretty legit flexibility (baby, bend over!) but my balance and strength need some werk. I barely can stand on one foot and have to do pushups on my knees. Hey - everyone has their strengths! Anyway - class was challenging, but it felt good to stretch. Plus, the instructor was really intense but really real. Like JLO "I'm Real." He was all like "srsly, don't overthink it, yoga is for everyone, you got this, boo." 

Class #2: Oh my god, I am so sore. 

I woke up, got out of bed and immediately thought $*%! what is happening in my body?! Turns out ((305)) FLOW works my body in a crazy new way than cardio does. But you know, since I was on assignment, I had no choice but to step it up and come back for more. Turns out class was dope as f*ck. Day 2's class felt great to stretch out my sore muscles. Oh also, the playlist was amazeballs. I could get used to this! 

Class #3: Oh my god, I THOUGHT I was sore yesterday. 

Ok, so apparently I'm not as fit as I thought I was. I was pretty sore all day, and I noticed in class I wasn't as flexible as I had been. The teacher instructs you to "see where you're body's at today," and work with it from there, so I just listen to the master and don't dwell on it too much (plus, this sounds like really good advice for #LIFE and not just sore muscles). Class was once again really good. The music was bumpin' and the wisdom was flowin'.  

Class #4: I just kinda did a headstand?????? And my chaturangas (AKA yoga pushups, for those of us still learning to speak yoga) are getting deeper/better?????

During the day, my body finally loosened up and I felt normal. During class, I noticed my feet in the downward dog position were getting closer to the floor and my push ups were starting to resemble ACTUAL pushups. The instructor challenged us to start taking steps towards a headstand. My initial reaction was "Ok, maybe in like 5 months I can actually do a headstand," but lo and behold: I managed to balance in a headstand position for a few seconds. WIN.

I've been to yoga before and I've never come even close to doing a headstand. But there's something special about the vibez in that room. Class has that same ((305)) energy that's all no-judgements, come-as-you-are, give-no-fucks energy that makes ((305)) a unique workout space. Because I felt like my neighbor wouldn't care if I looked a fool (cuz like, duh, we all do when we dance!), I challenged myself in a way I might not have in a regular ol' yoga studio. Namaslay!!

Class #5: I actually managed to balance 90% of the time during tree pose, Plus, I think I felt calmer all day at work?? 

The instructor opened class asking us to set an intention. I was drawing a blank, but she continued prompting us- "Maybe you want more joy, more love, more compassion- and if that's the case, I want to remind you that you can give yourself all that." Mind = blown. I truly believe that's true, but it's nice to have the reminder, ya know? It was just what I needed. 

The class also had a little headstand moment and BANG! I went up again like had a headstand component and I was as successful as I had been the day before, but this illustrated the importance of yoga to me: you don't need to be the best, or outperforming yourself everyday. What matters is that you show up on the mat consistently. 

So was this challenge a positive experience? Absolutely. Essentially: HELL YEAH. 10/10. Would recommend. Tell all your friends.

And register HERE.