Feel The Bern: Bernie calls out Trump for Failing to Mention These Crazy Important Things

Before you start falling over yourself to congratulate dt on his so-called "presidential" showing in last night's address (yes, the man can read a teleprompter!), let's talk about substance.

We know in this political climate, it's easy to get lost in the reality-TV-esque showmanship. The tweets! The fights! The SNL skits!

But what about real down-n-dirty policies? Ya know...the stuff that actually affects the 300+ million peeps living in this country (and the billions of ppl worldwide affected by everything we do)? 

Fear not. 

Feel-the-Bern Sanders is here to break it down.

Here's a video on everything Trump failed to mention in his address last night. Including...


POTUS, we're calling on you to make America great by reducing income inequality, upholding anti-discrimination, pushing forward women's rights, protecting our environment, and making sure Americans have equal access to a voting booth.

We're watching you, bro.