According to Ancient Science, This Is How You Should Eat for Fall

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Fall is HERE bbz and according to Chinese Medicine, it is the "SZN of the Lungs.So breathe in that good shit and let go of dat bullshit!  It's also the time to take a look inwards, including the food and liquids that we're putting in our bodies.

When the summer temps cool down, trade in the cold, raw, and uncooked dining options for some warmer and heartier options. Not only will these foods make you feel good, they'll also build up your immunity before winter comes.

Take a look at how ancient science says you should be eating for fall:

Trade Your Smoothies for Warm Oats & Grains


If you are smoothie obsessed, keep all the ingredients but put them into a bowl of warm oats and grains. Instead of an acai bowl, cook a warm oatmeal bowl with raw honey, pears, and apples and load up on the cinnamon. Get that extra punch of protein by mixing in plant-based protein powder with each meal. Use water or dairy alternatives, like almond, cashew, or hemp milk for some extra creaminess.


Swap Your Salads For Cooked Veggies


If you can't go a day without salad, exchange the raw ones for a stir-fried or steamed vegetable plate. Cold or warm, you can add your favorite dressing for some extra flava. Raw uncooked veggies are a lot for your digestive system to process, so give it a break this fall with some cooked alternatives. You'll feel less bloated and have more continuous energy throughout the day.


Pour Up the Bone Broth


Another great fall addition is bone broth. It is rich in vitamins and minerals and is great way to get protein, kick up your immunity, and reduce inflammation and joint pain. Best part is that you can sip and enjoy it like a cup of coffee or tea. Check out brodo in NYC, which specializes in the yummy, healthy broth.


Spice It Up


Warm and protect your body by adding spices to your food.  There are so many and each have unique healing and immunity properties.  For example: Try adding ginger to your stir-fries, cinnamon to your cooked apples and pears, or turmeric dressing for salads and chicken.  


Soup 4 Dayz


Your "Meal Prep Sundays" just got a lot more interesting. Add soups and stews into your cooking mix. By taking the time to make a huge pot of soup or slow cooking chili, you'll definitely have a successful transformation into fall. Buy local produce and protein to make A LOT of servings, so you can eat throughout the week or freeze for the months to come. #win

What'cha eating this fall? Let us know in the comments!