A Definitive Guide to the Best Easter Candy

Everyone thinks they know what's best when it comes to Easter candy, but do they *really* know? Hint: no they do not. Luckily, we DO know, and we're here to settle the debate once and for all. Starting from the top:

1. Ferrero Rocher eggs

Ferrero Rocher is the best candy around. Period. But there's something about the egg shape that makes these even more delicious. 


2. Egg shaped Reese's cups

Ok, but seriously, why do egg shaped things just taste better???? The peanut butter and chocolate distribution in these is just insane. 





3. Peeps Oreos

Not to be confused with actual PEEPS, these new Peep flavored Oreos are the greatest thing we have ever tasted. Instead of crippling your tastebuds with manufactured marshmallow, they taste like those delicious dipped animal crackers. Plus, the creme is the perfect shade of 305 pink ;). 



4. Chocolate Rabbit

This is an OG Easter candy, so we will give respect where respect is due. Plus, is there anything more satisfying than biting off the ears? I think not! 

5. Cadbury Mini Eggs

See above about egg shaped candy. 

6. Jellybeans

Honestly, skip over them. These are trash. Unless you get the Harry Potter pack and they have flavors like grass and toothpaste. Those are fun to watch other people eat. 

7. . Strawberry Nut M&ms

Ok, several things to unpack here. Disclaimer: we have not actually tried these but they make us think some things. First of all, what nut? Is it an almond? A peanut? Second of all, strawberry nut isn't a like a recognized flavor like chocolate peanut butter or cookie dough. Third of all, why. Just... why.

1000. Peeps.

Peeps are just plain nasty!