Do Diets Work?

Summer is coming and we know you're stressing about the swimsuit season. So you Google "how to get in shape for summer" and 20 gazillion diets pop up with promising headlines…

But here's the hard truth boo: Dieting doesn’t work.

Sorry for the spoiler! 🙅

There’s so much more to weight loss than what you eat and how much you exercise. Here are 3 reasons diets don’t work and what you should do instead:

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1. Diets are restrictive. Life shouldn’t be.

I don’t think there’s a diet out there that doesn’t cut something out of your, well, diet! Completely restricting a certain food or food group can be detrimental to your health – physically, mentally and emotionally.

When your food choices are too restrictive or rigid it can not only lead to disordered eating, but you can be skipping out on vital nutrients that your body requires to function optimally.

Not to mention, cutting pizza (or insert your favorite “unhealthy” food here) out of your diet can increase cravings and lead to you binging on an entire pie at a later time!

To avoid diet burnout, stop restricting entire food groups (yeah, gluten I’m talking to you!) and find the sweet spot in your diet that’s a balance of making healthy choices most of the time and savoring indulgences too.



2. Weight loss isn’t just about food and exercise.

You can focus on what you eat, but if you aren’t sleeping well, constantly stressing about your mile-long to-do list, hating your body and sitting all day at work, then your weight loss success will be limited or short-term. It’s science, babes. Your hormones play a role in weight management, telling you when to eat and when to stop, but if you’re over-tired, over-stressed and walk around with a negative attitude, your body won’t listen. Your cravings will intensify and your ‘willpower’ from constantly restricting will crumble.

Instead of only focusing on what you eat and two-a-day workouts, think of your health like a pie… You need a slice of nourishing food, a slice of consistent exercise, a slice of adequate sleep, a slice of relaxation, and a slice of self-love to make it whole. There’s good news too… 

People are finally getting back to basics when it comes to achieving a healthy weight because they see that it’s the culmination of what you eat, how you move and your overall healthy lifestyle that truly impact long-term weight loss success.

3. You are more than what you weigh.  

The dieting mentality is hyper-focused on the numbers. How many times have you heard that you can drop 10 pounds in two weeks by just cutting out carbs? But do they tell you it’s mostly water weight and if you start eating any carbohydrates again the number will bounce right back up? Of course they don’t!

Maintaining a healthy weight is about consistently eating well, moving more, staying hydrated, well-rested and in control of your stress. Cutting out certain foods for a whole 30 days may jump start weight loss, but it may not last by day 35.

Please (I’m seriously begging!!) drop the diet mentality and focus on how you feel from eating certain foods.

Do you have more energy when you eat a veggie omelet for breakfast versus a bagel the size of your head? Is your skin clearer when you snack on fruit as a snack instead of a bowl of fruit loops?

If you avoid focusing on the number on the scale and instead think about how food fuels your busy life (I mean, you need serious energy for all that twerking in class!) you will be more likely to focus on eating nourishing foods when you’re hungry and stopping when you’re full. You will make healthy choices but also know (or stop caring) that if you eat a slice of birthday cake you won’t weigh five more pounds the following morning.

Today’s post comes from ((305)) junkie and dietitian Chelsey Amer, MS, RDN. If you want to learn more about a no-diet approach to weight loss and healthy living, contact Chelsey or through her website.