Our Boston junkies already know Nora as the babe who brings the 🔥 and the 💋 to each class she DJs. Obsessed with music since she was a kid, Nora started DJing in college on a Boston boat cruise and fell in love with it. Fast forward five years and this HBIC is runnin’ her own DJing company and takin’ your twerkout to the next level at ((305)).

We caught up with our Beantown babe over smoothies at the Farmacy Cafe (it's her BF's cafe!) after class. Keep readin' for the scoop and sign up for class with DJ Nora here



Oh haiii Nora! We’re so pumped to learn more about the babe behind the turntable. Tell us, why do you love ((305))?

There's actually nothing I love doing more than dancing. To be able to provide the soundtrack to make people feel the way I feel on a dance floor is so amazing!


Preach! Describe the feeling of DJing a really dope ((305)) class . . .

Always great energy and vibe at the end, like no one's really ready for the cool down yet.


To be able to provide the soundtrack to make people feel the way I feel on a dance floor is so amazing!


We’ve heard that’s, like, every class with you! If you had to teach a ((305)) class, which instructor would you trust to DJ in the booth to pump up the jam?

Michelle and Kelly together, it would be an unbelievable mix of soca, hip hop, and power pop.



If this celeb took your class, you'd totally DIE . . .

Lena Dunham wearing the yellow mesh tank from the coke episode.


Who do you trust with your life?

My bae Brian. The amount of trust we have in each other is like no other relationship I've ever been in.


Total #couplegoals! Do you believe in love at first sight?

Maybe. It was love at first sight when I met my best friend Sami, my first day of kindergarten. But I've never felt that for romantic love.




What’s your go-to jam to sing in the shower?

Not so much in the shower, but I sing a lot in the car. In fact, when I'm driving home late from events, I play music I loved in high school and sing at the top of my lungs to stay awake. I was really into pop-punk so on those nights I sing/scream along to New Found Glory, Paramore, and Bayside.


Speaking of . . . name one song that pumps you up!

“Like A Prayer” by Madonna




What's the best advice you've been given?

My entrepreneurship professor instilled in me that a successful business is not the result of one big action/decision happening all at once, but rather the culmination of a lot of little choices and steps forward that come together over time.


Last one! What does "Make Sweat Sexy" mean to you?

Look at yourself in the mirror for an hour and unapologetically LOVE everything you see.




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