DJ Spotlight: DJ Daywalker Is Your Ginger Soul Mate

Fire! Fire! Fi—nope. False alarm. The only flames to see here are coming from DJ Daywalker, aka Patrick the Ginger-Hottie Fitzgerald. DC Junkies have been crushing on his flaming red hair (and his flaming hot beats) for a looong time. It's finally time we get to know the man behind the mane. DJ Daywalker gets down to the nitty gritty about this past (as an accountant), his workouts (he takes 305 too!), and his intense love affair with Justin Timberlake.

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We hear you used to be an accountant. How did that happen?

I realize now it was the path of least resistance. Not to mention, it paid very well.

What finally got you to leave the accounting firm?

I had a burning desire to explore my passions—whether that be DJing, sound engineering, or in some sort of techie environment—I couldn’t ignore it any longer. 305 Fitness has helped me realize that I am NOT motivated by transactional work. I thrive on higher purpose and transformational work. Seeing DC’s growth and the evolution of our client culture (no offense to NYC and Boston, but DC’s junkies are THE ABSOLUTE BEST) has been a magical experience. I still get goosebumps during some of our most hyped classes.

What's your favorite part of a 305 class, from behind the booth?

Surprising clients and instructors is definitely my favorite part of a 305 class. There’s always this feeling as if I’ve got a dirty little secret and everyone is waiting to hear it, whether that’s a throwback song or a new remix. Sometimes I’ll even pull out a classic song for the cool down and stretch, and suddenly the entire class is singing along. I’m a sucker for tracks that make us all nostalgic.

I will say, we really need more space back there to dance. I’m tryin to get my groove on too! Seriously though, from start to finish it is a total blast, coupled with controlled chaos, which results in an exhilarating adrenaline rush.

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Have you ever taken a 305 class? What was that like?

Yes, absolutely. I try to take one or two per week, and it’s honestly not much different than being a client. I truly have no idea what music to expect. I get nervous...was it a good idea to eat so much pasta today? Did I drink enough water? I’m just trying to keep up and nail the moves like everyone else.

You get to spend a day with any music artist, living or dead. Who do you choose? What do you do?

Justin Timberlake, zero hesitation. Ideally JT and I would hit a round of golf in the early AM, bring him as a surprise guest to Byron’s 305 class in the late AM, Karaoke brunch with HD (NYC's Karaoke King) in the early PM, then wrap up the day at Leo DiCaprio’s yacht party. Yep, I’ve played this scenario out in my head many times before.

We hear you DJ weddings—what's the craziest thing you've ever seen happen at a wedding?

I once saw the wedding photographer avoid tripping over a falling backwards INTO the wedding cake. It was like watching a car accident in slow motion. I'm pretty sure everyone’s heart completely sunk. Luckily the bride and groom didn’t see it happen, and they were having such a great time on the dance floor, so I just skipped the cake cutting all together. Still waiting on a thank you from that photographer.

What's your favorite shower jam?

I LOVE singing Usher’s “Burn” in the shower. Any Usher song will do, but “Burn” is at the top of the list.

Boxers or briefs?

Neither. Boxer-Briefs all day. Are boxers really still a thing?

Tinder or Bumble?

Bumble mostly, a dash of Hinge. And I gotta give the Jewish gals some love with a little JSwipe action.

Who is your ginger idol?

I’d have to say my man Prince Harry. he keeps it real.

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