Dionne: The Summer Edition

As a dancer, Dionne’s passionate intensity and full-the-f*ck-out moves will light up the room. Born and raised in ATL, you’ll be inspired watching this Southern Kween move with such power and grace.

What do you ALWAYS make sure to take to the beach?

Alcohol, a book, and my phone.


What's your go-to drink order this summer?

A mimosa minus the OJ.


What's #1 on your reading list this summer?

Boundaries in Dating. I've never been properly courted but when I do, I'll be ready!


What's your adult summer camp fantasy?

Three words: rośe on tap. Gotta stay hydrated!


What's the first thing you would do if you were President?

Create more access to summer programs for school-aged children. Kids lose over two months of reading skills over the summer and then spend the first six to eight weeks regaining those skills when school starts. It's a vicious cycle that needs to end.



Do you have a secret trick to staying cool in the summer?

Being still. My mom always said that to me as child!


What's your official song of the summer?

Anything by Calvin Harris!

Love Dionne? Same. 

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