What could be better than twerkin’ it out with your besties and your fave ((305)) instructor? Join us on September 10 for an ah-mazing day of CO-TAUGHT CLASSES. That's right -- you'll have more than one of our kick-ass instructors leading the way. Plus: you'll see instructor names you might not recognize because -- surprise! -- we've also invited our sizzlin' instructors from DC and Boston to NYC for this wild weekend.

We’re gettin’ this partyyy started early and spillin’ the tea on some of our ((305)) instructors’ crushes -- whether it's their fantasy celeb soulmate or their real-life googly eyes for a fellow instructor! Keep reading for all the juicy details and peep the COUPLE CRUSH full schedule here!



Danielle may seem all pumpkin-spiced-latte until you see her take control and dance. Holy f*ck, that got real, and real fast. Catch this pocket-sized firecracker twerkin’ it out with The King of Cool Tom at our Midtown studio.


This regulation hottie may have just arrived in NYC, but he’s already turnin’ up the 🔥🔥🔥. Your new BFF Zach will be co-teaching class at our Village studio with the freakum femme Kyra.


Ana’s roaring confidence and grace will have you yelling "how many?!" when she yells "squats!" This fierce AF booty whisperer will be turnin’ it up with tomboy glam Divinity at our Village studio.


JJ loves to break it serrriouuusly down so if you love to dance, this class has got your name all over it. This handsome charmer will be throwin’ it down at our Midtown studio with the H-Town Swag JLott.


A super humble hot babe with a casual 8 pack (nbd) Maria exudes an irresistible aura of calm. This free-spirited babe is gonna turn up the heat with the Sister of Soul Camille at our Village studio.


Our boi Walter is downright chill but brings the goddamn kween heat when in the kitchen. Mr. Work It will be bringin’ the party to our Midtown studio with Don Panty Melter Guillermo.


Count on our girl Kelly to serve up a bold, give-no-f*cks environment and a super challenging, drenched-in-sweat workout. This bitchin’ bombshell will be turnin’ it up with Rachelle at our Village studio.


Who's your ultimate celebrity crush?

Ana: "I've been crushing so hard on Bruno Mars lately. His style, his VOICE, he performs his ass off."

Maria: "David Beckman won this spot many years ago and he's still got it. Athlete, body, tattoos, style, accent -- he's nice to look at and listen to."

Danielle: "Kit Harrington. If you saw the season 7 finale of Game of Thrones, I don't have to tell you why. 😉"

JJ: "I can't pick just one -- I love Janet Jackson, Beyoncé and Trevor Noah."

Walter: "Rick Ross . . . he's such a boss!"

Kelly: "Luis Fonsi. He's gorgeous and he sings "Despacito"


Who was your first crush?

Danielle: "There was a boy named Dougie in my Kindergarten class. He gave me a sparkly blue Limited Too necklace and told me he wanted to marry me. It was real."

Zach: "I was 6 and he was in my hip hop class. I cried when my teacher didn't put us together for the partner work!"

Jordan: "JC Chasez from N*SYNC . . . his pictures were all over my wall."

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Which ((305)) instructor are you crushin' on?

Zach: "DJ Mae Ultra! She's new and I'm new to NYC so it's been fun to be there for each other as we adjust!"

Ana: "JLott just needs to teach all his classes shirtless. I'm just sayin' 🤷🏽."

Danielle: "I'm crushing on Walter. He has a beautiful heart and constantly makes me laugh!"

Kelly: "Ivy . . . she's gorgeously hot and so down to earth."


Which couple is #goals?

Ana: "Teyana Taylor and Iman Shumpert."

Zach: "My mom and dad! Even through all the bickering I've never seen two people love each other so much. 32 years of marriage and they are still going strong!"

JJ: "The Obama's just because #MyPresident #MyFirstLady."

Maria: "Will & Jada! From the outside looking in, it seems to me that they have a solid relationship rooted in balanced relationship rooted in "love, honesty, and support.


Which ((305)) DJ are you crushin' on?

Jordan: "Michael! Training with him was so fun, and I mean, look at those dimples!"

Walter: "Hello It’s Jeanna of course! Her heart her hair her music, what's not to love!"

JJ: "I will say DJ Apryl Fresh just because she's one of the OGs. I love her."

Maria: "DJ Dewey. Because, skillzzz + that smile."


How do (or did!) you get your crush’s attention?

JJ: "I used to love Stacy Ferguson -- I crushed on her so hard before she became Fergie. We had mutual friends, so if I knew she was going to be somewhere I would try my best to be there too."

Walter: "I usually ignore them. 😉"

Kelly: "At a younger age, I aimlessly tried to get their attention by writing love notes and wearing necklaces with their pictures!"

Jordan: "I got my fiancé's attention by getting him to take shots with me!"


Why should junkies sign up for COUPLE CRUSH this weekend?

Danielle: "Watching Tom and I lead class together, with our height difference, will be enough to make you laugh through 55 minutes. JUST KIDDING! Our instructors all have such huge personalities and love each other so much that I know these classes are going to be bursting with energy! It'll be LIT!"

Zach: "To show off for the cutie you bring and turn them on with your hot dance moves!"

Ana: "Divinity and I are going to slay ya night! Bring a friend. We got some craziness cooking up for y'all."

Walter: "Because it’s always more fun with a friend!"


Join us this Sunday, September 10, for an ah-mazing day of CO-TAUGHT CLASSES. Bring your BFF . . . you’ll see why soon! Peep the full schedule here.