Buh-Bye Bobby!

Chicago, you ready for the Prince of Pop?

Chicago, you ready for the Prince of Pop?


Just as Britney's finishing up her Piece of Me tour in Vegas, we're also sending off our ((305)) Prince of Pop Bobby this month. Him and his feyoncé Thomas will be making their move to the Windy City, Chicago to start a new and exciting chapter of their lives!

Each and every class, he made us Work BITCH; making us want scream a big "YAAASSSSS!" Til The World Ends.

While we hate Autumn Goodbyes (err... spring) and the 305 fam is literally 😭, we're wishing Bobby and Thomas lots of love 💖 in their next adventure!

We got to Break The Ice one last time with our fave JT dancing twinzie. P.S. We still Wanna Come Over to that Slumber Party...


How long have you been with 305?

I have been with 305 a little over 2 years now. I started training at the end of May of 2015 and began teaching my community classes in August of 2015.


Take us back a bit- when did you hear about 305 and why'd you audition?

I heard about 305 from a friend of mine.

She texted me saying, ‘OMG Bobby! I found the best workout and it has your name written all over it.’

I checked out the website and saw they were holding auditions for upcoming instructors. I took JJ's class the night before my audition, and could not contain myself. I basically had a orgasm when the lights shot on. I was immediately hooked.


Staying in Memory Lane, what are some of your fave 305 memories?

Miami trip with the 305 crew, those damn choreography meetings, and all the special bday private parties we shared and spent together.


You've got some of the BEST 305 junkies! How'd you describe them?

MY JUNKIES!! Oh boy! Where do I even begin! The best way I can describe them are loyal, fierce AF, absolutely beautiful, and they are only reason I get up early as hell to shake my ass, and expeirence such joy every 7AM. Ya'll are true POPSTARS!

Seriously, they're the freaking cutest. <3

Seriously, they're the freaking cutest. <3


So tell us more about your move to CHI-TOWN!

I'm so excited to start this new chapter with my soon to be husband! AHHH!

Also, being introduced to a new city and being able to meet new groups people with different ambitions and goals. Chicago is a gorgeous city with so many opportunities. I can't wait to see where God leads me, and I'm looking forward to leave a stamp on another great city!

Serious Throwback to Bobby's early days at 305!

Serious Throwback to Bobby's early days at 305!


What will you miss most about from being in NYC area?

Of course I'll miss my crazy family and the Jersey Shore. I'll miss the crazies in this damn city, including nights being girls on Jess' balcony and all the nights of debauchery (you know who you are 😏).

With the 305 crew, I'll miss hanging at Whiskey Social as well as all that happened in the instructors lounge; including the heart-to-heart talks, being absolutely obnoxious with everyone, and seeing everyone's private parts. 👀

Lastly, my junkies who help make music videos in my head at every class. 

Most importantly, I’ll miss being able to be me for 55 minutes.

So will we see a Chicago pop up in the future?

305, I'm ready when you are... 


Finally, leave us with one Britney quote to live by.

"I don't like defining myself. I just am"

Early morning, he wakes up
Knock, knock, knock on the door
It's time for teaching, perfect smile
It's you they're all waiting for
They go…
"Isn't he lovely, this New Jersey boy?"
And they say…

We’re so lucky. He’s a 🌟!