Summer might be just around the corner, but we’re already turnin’ up the heat at our studio in the Village with ((305)) Flow, a hot hot hot yoga class with a dance-inspired twist. If you’re so sick of that same old love -- er, yoga -- ((305)) Flow’s got whatchu need. With a dope soundtrack of slow jamz and R&B faves, along with some of the illest yoga instructors in the game (more on them, here), ((305)) Flow combines strength, toning, and flexibility into a challenging 60-minute class. It’ll have you breathing deeply, feeling sexy, and oh, so wet. 💦

So, what makes ((305)) Flow the Thelma to ((305)) Cardio’s Louise? Well, as our bada$$ yogi Kirra explains, “Yoga and dance separately do a great job at increasing your flexibility and overall range of motion. Yoga allows us to hold the poses longer (about 30 seconds to a minute), which is recommended to increase flexibility.”

We're breaking down three of our fave yoga moves below, but head over to Daily Burn where Kirra is demo'ing more of these not-so-basic positions. From Rockstar to Fallen Triangle, Eagle Pose to Warrior III, these moves will have you feelin’ stronger (than yesterdayyy) in no time.

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Warrior II to Reverse Warrior

"The most important thing to keep in mind with Reverse Warrior is that it’s a side stretch and not a back bend," Kirra says, "Your second and third toes need to be directly under your front knee."

Rockstar to Fallen Triangle

“This pose takes full-body work and strengthens your quadriceps and shoulders, as well as your obliques. Raise your hips higher when you do the backbend to help keep your body in alignment and keep your front foot pointed to challenge your balance.”

Dancer’s Pose

“Start by hugging your knee to your chest and then holding the inside edge of your foot as you sweep your right arm back," Kirra tells us, adding "This will help open your chest and give you a slight back bend.”