Passover Post: 5 Moves your Jewish Bubbie needs RN

Chag Sameach to all our Jewish sistaaaas. Passover is upon us, so as you gather around the seder table and update your families on what you've been up to (lots of 305 classes, duh!), we've rounded up 5 moves your Jewish Bubbie needs now! 

Trust us- she'll love it. 

1. Bounce, bounce, bounce- all together now! 

This one's a group effort. Round up your bubbies, your great grand bubbies and everyone else that's young at heart. Fun fact: the best dance floor in your home is actually in your kitchen. 

2. Pose, strut, pose, WERK

Bread is not for eating during Passover, so might as well make the the most of that loaf in your pantry and use it as a kick@$$ dance prop. (PS we weren't kidding about the kitchen dance floor.)

3. High kicks for dayyyyyssssss

Is it just us, or does everyone's bubbie needs to be the center of attention at family gatherings or she starts acting like this in the corner:


4. Shake it like a salt shaker

After hours of sitting around the table, it helps to stand up and shake, shake, shake it out before you bust into the matzah s'mores.  

5. Now cha-cha real smooooth

What? You thought you were the only one in the family with moves? Think again. It's time to shake what your (grand)mama gave ya!