Eyeroll Much: 7 Things You Can Expect when your Friend is Bridezilla

1. Major attitude

And not the good kind. Just remember to nod, smile and refill your wine glass. 

2. Stilettos


We've noticed a trend: BFFs turn into bridezillas and then force all of their bridesmaids, great-great-grandmas, and wedding attendees to follow a strict dress code (even down to Uncle Joe's sock color). Unfortunately, this means you will probably be forced to wear the highest, hottest stilettos she can find- and don't EVEN THINK about taking them off. 

But hey, at least your pictures will look good!

3. Lots and lots of phone calls/texts/emails/smoke signals/tears

With bridezillas everything is a life or death matter. The florist only has blue daisies and not cerulean? UNACCEPTABLE. The caterer had to make a last minute substitution and source the green beans from Connecticut instead of Maine? TELL HIM HE'S FIRED. 

4. Having to give emotional support to the other bridesmaids

As the saying goes, "It takes a village to deal with a bridezilla". When Bridezilla isn't bothering you, she's going to be bothering her other friends. And if her other friends happen to also be your friends, you're going to be in for some real vent sessions. Just remember: you're all in this together. 

5. More freak outs

We're just being honest!

6. Some type of choreographed dance

There is nothing a bridezilla loves more than controlling every detail to create the wedding of her dreams. This includes your dancing. Get ready to show your stuff (thanks, 305) at flash mob dance rehearsals every week for the next 6 months. 

7. Wine, wine and more WINE

giphy (4).gif

Sometimes the Maid of Honor needs her own Maid of Honor (also known as a bartender). That's fine. The wedding will come, everything will be fine, your friend will give you a much needed break while she leaves on her honeymoon, and everything will return to normal. 

Just don't forget the wine.


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P.S. Did you hear The Knot loves us?