Teach Me How To: Box Step

You've been down before, you've been hurt before, and you've got up before. Now you'll be good to go with our next "Teach Me How To" tutorial! 💃

Don’t trip... literally. Our NYC Cheerleader Danielle C. teaches us how to do the popular schmoove in “That’s My Girl” and our new choreo: Box Step 📦 👣

The Box step.gif

Step 1: Imagine there’s an imaginary box around your feet. You’re gonna wanna “touch” each side of the box as you go through the steps. 🔲

Step 2: With your feet about shoulders width apart, cross your right foot in front of your left. 👟

Step 3: Step back with your left foot to the back “corner” of the box. 🔙

Step 4: Cross your right foot to the opposite back corner of the box. You feet should return to that neutral hips distance stance. ↔️

Step 5: Now cross your left foot over your right. ↗️

Step 6: Bring your right foot to the “front” of the box. ↖️

Step 7: Finally, bring your left foot back to the front and you’ve returned to the neutral position, but now at the front of the box! 🔝

Pro-Tip: Don't overthink the arms. You're just alternating the opposite arm and leg movement, much like walking or jogging!

It's easy to trip up on the steps, but take it slow and practice going at a simple 1, 2 tempo. When you think you got it down, speed that ish up and go awfffff! ✨🦄‼️

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