Bex: The Summer Edition

Bex, aka The Firebird, knows all about keeping the dance floor and music charts hot. We caught up with our cool, quirky NYC popstar to hear all about her fun summer plans aka #RoséAllDay.

Meet Bex: The Summer Edition



What's your song of the summer?

Calvin Harris - Feels ft. Pharrell Williams, Katy Perry, Big Sean


What's your must-have drink for the summer?

Rosé All Day!


What's your favorite summer fling memory?

Meeting my Hubs-To-Be in August '09



When it's hot and humid AF out, how do you manage your hair?

Don't fight it, supersize it! 🦁



What was your favorite summertime memory from childhood?

Going to my favorite artsty fartsy day-camp on Long Island, USDAN! Any Junkies out there heard of it or gone yourself? Obsessed.



What was the totes weirdest summer that you've ever had?

I was in the Entertainment Dept. at a "Dirty Dancing" style resort in Maine. One show we had, it was a pirate show out on the lake. We literally dressed as pirates for the day and boated around as part of the show. We ate chocolate, drank, and got paid for this gem.


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