Behind the Biz: New Music & Choreo, Who Dis?

It’s that time again… you know that moment when the DJ starts mixing into the next choreo song and the instructor is cueing up the next set of moves and you literally look like a deer in headlights. Yup, brace yourself, new music and choreo is COMING! #NewChoreoDay 😱

But yo, don’t be scurred! The new music 🎶 and choreography 💃 is what keeps things funky, fresh, and exciting every class. We’re all on our toes and ready to slay these new tracks. Can’t wait to hear them in class? Peep the new muzak on our Spotify playlist and crank that #305LOUD 🔊

Our HBIC Sadie shares what goes into bringing the new tunes and party moves into the each class:

How often does 305 choose new songs to add to the class playlists?

It varies but typically, we swap out old songs every 8 weeks for fresh new ones. We typically swap out 10 - 15, but we leave a large chunk of our current selection in.

Why’s it important to switch things up in class?

We never want junkies to feel bored. We want you to hear music in 305 before you hear it anywhere else. We have to make the tough call sometimes of retiring a dance that’s a total hit.

We know that, even if everyone loves them (cough cough “Work From Home”) that eventually, it will get overplayed, so we’d rather leave the party while it’s still hot.

What happens to all the older songs? Do we get some throwbacks?

Yes! Every time we introduce new choreo, we also re-introduce a throwback for a limited time. This time, we’re bringing back “Pull Over” by Trina.

So, who chooses the new songs?

It’s a collaboration. Our DJs contribute music. Instructors also come ready with their favorite jamz. Finally, we also put out a vote, so make sure you’re reading those emails, peeps! We make sure to choreograph a dance to the winner. This time, “Shining” by Beyonce was the clear #1 choice.

Who comes up with the choreography for the new songs?

Instructors come up with the new choreo. We have a rotation so every instructor gets to choreograph some songs throughout the year.

TFW when you gotta learn all the choreo and music real quick

TFW when you gotta learn all the choreo and music real quick

How long does it take for the instructors to learn the new moves?

We usually have a week.

How long does it take for the DJs to start learning and mixing the new songs into class?

Same: we give them a week.

Follow the feet first, then the arms.

Follow the feet first, then the arms.

Damn! That’s a quick turnaround. New songs can throw even the most dedicated junkie off. What are your tips for getting into the groove?

Every time we introduce choreography, it’s of course normal for there to be a little more stop and start. It’s a good reminder to our junkies of what it feels like to be a newcomer again. It’s challenging. It can feel frustrating.

My advice is to relax and enjoy it. You only get your *first time* (with a dance) once. Of course, as we always say, follow the feet, then add the arms.

Finally, everything in 305 repeats. So if you can try to pick up the pattern the first time you see the dance, it’s likely to reappear in the same order.

So DJ, do y’all take requests like TRL?

YES! Please share your suggestions with us on Instagram.

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