We know the February blahs can make it hard AF to keep up with our bada$$ instructors in class. So if you're looking for some inspiration, look no further: the baller babes over at UConn just clinched their 100th straight win Monday night. Yeah, you read that right. 💯. These court kweens haven't lost a game since 2014 -- they are literally on fire.

This is a BFD -- no team (men's or women's, profesh or otherwise) has ever notched this many wins in a row. And these amazing ladies have been breaking records right, left, and center. On this streak alone they've won four consecutive championships, and they've snagged 11 total in their history. Most of the games aren't even close: in 98 of the games, they won by at least 10 points or more. #Flawless

If they can do all that, you can *for sure* get your a$$ to class and get that post-((305)) endorphin rush back in your life. Throw on your Air Jordans this week and get your bootie shakin' like these babes.

David Butler II for USA Today

David Butler II for USA Today

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