We all know that females are strong as hell, which is why we’re crushin’ HARD on Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot, the director and star of a lil' movie called Wonder Woman. You maaaay have heard of it. The film raked in over $103 million in its opening weekend alone, making it the 👏🏾 best 👏🏾 opening 👏🏾 ever 👏🏾 for a female director.

But beyond the $$$, the superhero flick also has a TON of amazing feminist moments. In it, Wonder Woman decides to leave her all-female paradise to lead #TheResistance and basically save mankind. Casual. She’s a take no prisoners, smash the patriarchy kind of babe who’ll bust through a wall then turn around and shoot down a sexist comment.

These babes aren't just crushin' the box office. They also know they're making history. Here's Gal talking about Patty:

We are all used to having male protagonists in movies directed by men. The way Patty has captured the Wonder Woman character, she is very relatable to everyone. Boy, girl, man, woman — everyone can relate to her.

Through the success of Wonder Woman, Jenkins is blazin’ a trail for other female directors, and many are hoping Hollywood will put its $$$ where its 💋 is and start hiring more diverse casts and crews.  

So next time you need some inspiration to get your a$$ to class, throw on your ((305)) ACTIVE Legends Tank and channel your inner Wonder Woman. Book your next class here -- we swear you’ll be punchin’ harder and kickin’ higher in no time. Nasty don’t quit, y’all.